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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Where did our weekend go?!?

To start I had my 24 week appt. on Friday morning. I had an appt. first thing since they were testing me for gestational diabetes which I passed! :) Not like I thought I wouldn't pass, but still glad I did. I had to fast and not drink or eat anything after midnight which wasn't a big deal but I was definitely starving by the time I left my appt. They make you drink a cup of this orange tasted like Sunkist to me...and then you have to wait an hour and then they prick your finger and make sure your blood sugar is at a certain level. So everything went well at my appt. I gained 5 lbs from my 20 week appt. which I was glad to hear since I had only gained 3 total by that point. I knew it would be a decent weight gain since my belly is def. out there now & I have hit numbers on the scale that I have never hit before. :) We tried to do another sonogram to see his little face but he still is not cooperating...he likes to keep his head tucked up under him. I put the pics up anyway that we got but all you can see is his rib cage, shoulders and upper body on the left & the side of his face or back of his head on the right. It is still so fun getting to see him & we will try again at my 28 week appt. on Jan. 8th.

I also got my haircut after work & decided to chop it off tired of trying to grow it out. Jaime, my hairdresser, just got back from Miami where she learned all about the latest cuts and styles so I just let her go a little crazy with my hair. I cut bangs!!! I can't remember the last time I've had bangs! She also cut a ton of layers which adds a lot of body to my flat is still growing on me & I am still learning how to style it, but I like it for the most part.

Saturday was a busy day as I had a baby shower to go to from 1-3 and then we had Lori & Jason's wedding at 6. I tried to get a little Christmas shopping done too & we went to Storkland & picked out a rocker/recliner for the nursery. The fabric will be a mint green with a real soft fuzzy texture and it is in little rows or sort of has a ribbed look. The chair is awesome as it swivels, rocks and reclines with the little arm to recline it down on the inside of the chair instead of a huge ugly arm on the outside. This chair was by far the most comfortable one they had & I can't wait to get it!!!

Sunday afternoon Jenny & I went to see the Radio City Rockettes which was SO fun!!! They put on an awesome show with live animails...sheeps and camels...and they even had Santa and these 2 little boys flying threw the audience! It is amazing how much goes into each of these shows with costume changes, props, the orchestra, and the floor they danced on turned and had trap doors for props and people to come up from underneath. There was even a miniature ice skating rink on the end of the stage where a couple skated (see pics below). If you missed it, I highly recommend going to see it next year if they come to B'ham again!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hudson Hogan is here!

Here is cute little Hudson...Shannon's 2nd baby boy she had on Mon. night. He was 8 lbs & 20.25 inches long & has the cutest little chunky cheeks. :) Congrats Shannon & fam!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's been a while...

Well we have been extremely busy as usual over the past few weeks with Thanksgiving, Christmas decorating and of course lovely work. I have been so slammed with end of the year closings to work on...I'm just ready to be done & have my big fat bonus! :) Deals have just been piling up & I had to take another day trip to Sarasota, FL the Mon. before Thanksgiving which was a bittersweet trip. I had to fly out at 5:40am so I was up at 3am...YUCK!! I never sleep well those nights b/c you keep waking up thinking you've missed your alarm...horrible. Anyway the one positive about the whole trip was that it was rainy & freezing here and when I get to sunny FL it was 78 for the high...I LOVED IT!!! So I got my work done and on my way home my flight got delayed out of Sarsota which made me miss my flight home in ATL. The thing that really made me mad was the fact that I was racing when I got there to try to catch it (you know there are 5 concourses in ATL & of course I had to go from D to A) and I get there and the guy said they left at 8:03 when the flight was scheduled to leave at 8:06...they didn't even try to wait on me!!! Anyway of course there was a flight about an hour & 1/2 later that I got on but I had to sit in the very back where there is no window and the seat in front of me had a jet next to it blocking the view...literally the last row. I hate not being able to see out...I'm a total window person when it comes to flying! I can't stand it when you can't even tell when you are landing b/c you can't see anything. I finally got home at 10pm to go straight to the kitchen to cook a sweet potato casserole for our work Thanksgiving lunch the next day. I was SO ready for a long 4 day weekend!!!

Our Thanksgiving was very nice. We had the mothers and my brother to our house on Thanksgiving day & of course had a huge feast. Our brother-in-law was on call down in Mobile so they couldn't come in town but we look forward to seeing them Christmas! We went and spent time at my Dads that night & then to Justin's Dads the next night. We also got our Christmas card picture taken on Thanksgiving. Nothing special just us and the pets in front of our fireplace...I think it turned out pretty well. Justin was doubting the fact of having all 3 animals that close together to take a picture but they cooperated fairly well. The funny part was that I was holding Lucky & Tig was inbetween us & Justin had Bailey next to him & the whole time the cats are just staring at her was pretty funny! The cards should be in any day now & out ASAP. We went to Kerri & Daniel's on Sat. to watch the horrible Iron Bowl...embarrassing...but we still had a good time seeing everyone especially Katie who was in town from NYC. We really miss her! There was quite a crowd & luckily it was about 1/2 AU & 1/2 AL fans so we weren't the only ones suffering. Sunday we went & got our Christmas tree & I made my homemade wreath out of the scraps, put the garland and lights up around the house & got most of the decorations out...I'll put some pics up sometime soon. It was a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Hudson is here! Shannon had her second baby boy late Monday night at 11:53 weighing 8 lbs. & 20.25 inches long. I went to see her yesterday but forgot to take my camera in so I'll have to get the pics from Jenny to put up here. He is a doll and has cute little fat cheeks!! How fun!

We also got our baby furniture ordered yesterday from Storkland in Vestavia...YEA!!! So happy to have something finally picked out for the nursery. I went fabric shopping the other weekend but still have to decide what I want to use & this will help now that I know what color the furniture is going to be. It is antique black...we really wanted a dark brown but we loved this furniture (I love the round feet) and the only other option they had was a cherry that was too red-brown for me. We got everything shown in the picture & also another taller and longer dresser that will be used as the changing table. What's fun about the bed too is that it breaks down into a toddler, then daybed and then a double bed when he's older. Now it is time to pick out the fabrics, paint color, oh & a nice comfy recliner/rocker! :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Can't believe it's been a year!

Well yesterday was our 1 year it is amazing how fast time flies by!!! Just thinking back on wedding planning, our wedding day & going away to Jamaica on our honeymoon...if I could only go back & be there right now lying on the beach instead of here in 25 degree weather. :) Well it has been a wonderful newlywed year & now we have a baby on the way so what more could we ask for?!?! Thanks to everyone for our sweet phone calls, cards, emails, etc. It meant a lot that we were thought of so fondly on our special day! :) As far as celebration goes we went to lunch together at J. Alexander's, my favorite, and then Justin had his last softball game of the season @ 6:30 that night so we postponed our anniversary dinner to tomorrow night. See how nice of a wife I am to let him get away with that & to go sit out there, as Bailey & I usually do, in the freezing cold to watch him play. Of course I was all bundled up with a coat, gloves, a blanket & even a mug of yummy hot cocoa...I was set! :) I did thaw out our cake topper & we enjoyed some delicious wedding cake on our anniversary...thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law for preserving & storing it for us all year. It is a lot of cake! Here is a pic I took of it with the first piece cut out...

And here is Lucky who snuck on the counter (she lost her collar the other day...typical she is rather sneaky now w/o her bell) who decided she wanted to try some wedding cake too! She's a mess!

Monday, November 17, 2008

An empty nest...for a little while.

Well we officially have the house all to ourselves...with the animals too of course. My brother moved out a couple of weekends ago & my cousin had her last day at the AL Republican Party on Friday. It is bittersweet as we are excited to be all alone in our house for the first time, but we will miss having company around too. My brother moved into his own apt. just up the street so he won't be far & my cousin is headed back to Gulf Shores now until she hopefully starts a job with Judge Greg Shaw in Montgomery. Both of them were always busy & gone a lot, not to mention they basically had their own quarters upstairs, so it isn't too different without them here. But now it is time to get the nursery started which I'm very excited about but a little overwhelmed at the same time. This coming w/e I plan on going around to the 6 or 7 fabric stores I picked out around B'ham to start the hunt for fabrics. My lovely sister-in-law has graciously offered to make the little guy custom bedding which will be so superb & unique & I just can't wait to see how it all turns out. So I feel like I need to pick all that out first and then figure out paint colors, furniture, etc. There is a lot to do but we have plenty of time...I just know March will be here before we know it!

Oh and one thing that I think I forgot to mention on the announcement blog is that my placenta is in the front which the doctor said is fine but that means I won't be able to really feel him kicking or anything for awhile I guess. Basically it is acting like a barrier or cushion/pillow inbetween him and my stomach. So for now I still sort of feel little twitches every now and then if I lie still for awhile, but for the most part I don't feel much of anything. It was making me a little nervous last week when I was reading about what was going on that week & it said "I'm moving around all the time & waking mommy up at night!" I was like no he doesn't! :) I'm ready to really feel him moving around but I guess I will have to be patient. Justin was a 10 lb baby & I was 8.3 lbs so I have a feeling he is going to be a big boy especially since he is already in the 93rd percentile! I'm sure I'll feel him soon enough. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We are having a..............

boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
We are absolutely thrilled...I thought boy all along so I guess my motherly intuition was right. :)Baby Boy Flurry was measuring 20 wks 6 days today so he is still about a week ahead. He weighs 14 oz & is in the 93rd percentile which means he is growing very well. His heart rate was 157 today & all his measurements looked great. I am attaching a few sonogram pics from today but we don't have any good facial pics since he wasn't really cooperating. His head was down the whole time with his chin resting on his chest...kind of funny looking. But, that means we get to do another sonogram (darn :)) next time to see his sweet little face. I can't remember if I already said or not that my terrible insurance only covers 1 sonogram, which is ridiculous, unless it is medically necessary & then they'll cover it. The doctor has to do at least 2 to make sure in the beginning that the baby is in the right place & not ectopic & then the 20 week to do all the measurements & make sure everything is growing properly & there aren't any problems. So anytime I get another one w/o having to pay is very nice. Our next appointment is Friday 12/12 & for this appt. I have to fast & not eat or drink anything after midnight so they can do the gestational diabetes test. We have been very blessed so far with great news every appt. so hopefully things will go well for this also. I have gained 3 lbs which I was happy to hear as I'm still not really showing very much & I just want to make sure that I'm gaining like I should be which the doctor didn't seem concerned. I'm still not really in maternity clothes yet but I'm on the verge & have already purchased one of those belly bands so you can wear your normal clothes but have them unbuttoned/unzipped & no one knows. :) I finally told everyone at work after the appt. which was fun & I definitely shocked some & of course girls can't keep a secret so some already knew. My boss was surprised though especially that I was as far along as I was. So now everyone was hard enough keeping it a secret for the past 16 weeks! Well, we can't wait to meet our little man the end of March!!!
This pic isn't very clear but it shows the side of his head on the right.

This one is the bottom of his foot. I love this one. :)

This one shows his "boy parts" (by the red dot) & the umbilical cord (big blue dots) to verify that they aren't mistaking one for the other.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The 24 hour countdown is on!

It is exactly one day away that we find out what we are having & I'm SO excited I can't even concentrate at work! I have gotten such sweet emails, calls & text is getting me that much more excited!! I can't believe this day is almost here! Not to mention I just realized that our 1 year anniversary is a week away...time really does fly by!! Well I will post it up on here as soon as I get a chance after our appt. & of course send out a mass email, text, etc. Woohoo!!!!! :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Here are a few pics from our girl's beach trip we took the other w/e in Destin. Amy's favorite quote the whole w/e to anyone or guy that walked up to us was "Hey, she's got a bun in the oven!" That or our wedding rings scared off majority of them but we actually met some nice married men & had a great time out. It was nice to get away with some of my best friends!

Here is Addy & I at the AU vs. Vandy game this year at their tiny little stadium...too bad VANDY won!!! We still had so much fun out in Nashville though.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A relaxing but productive Saturday...

First off, AU won today thank goodness! That would've been worse than AL losing to La-Monroe last year for Homecoming (on our wedding day :)) so glad we pulled through on that one. As much as I can't stand LSU and their obnoxious fans, I was definitely pulling for a win over AL today which was close with OT but they just couldn't pull it off. We decided not to go to AU this w/e as we have gone to every other home game & we'll be down there next w/e for the GA game. Before all the games started, Justin was already kicking into his "nesting" and completely reorganized the garage and even bought a new shelving system for all our tools, supplies, etc. He also attempted to blow the leaves off the walkway and driveway which was a total waste as they were completely covered again in a few hours. It looked like it was snowing leaves all day with the wind. I actually put the first baby items up in the nursery as my sister-in-law gave me a ton of baby wash, shampoo, lotion, etc. that she can't use on our niece as her skin is very sensitive. Thanks Sara as we are stocked up for quite awhile now! :) I'm so anxious for Tues. to get here so we can find out what we are having & I can start shopping for things! I've been talking about it all w/e...only 3 more days to go!! Oh and Mr. Tigger got the boot to the full bath downstairs as Justin & I discovered a huge spot behind the stereo down there today where he had been relieving himself...seriously took a 1/2 roll of paper towels to soak it up! We were going to put him in the garage but I just think it is getting too cold & we don't use that bathroom anyway so why all he has is tile to go on so he can't ruin anything else! Jenny came by today to borrow something to wear to a tea tomorrow & I realized how wonderful it is to have her back here in AL & living right down the road from me. I've missed my best friend who was living across the country for so long & now she's back!!! :) I'm now listening to Justin starting to slightly snore on the couch next to me so I guess it's time for bed...I know I need to get as much sleep now that I can! I hope to be good & finally get on here & put some pics up tomorrow...we'll see.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here is the wreath I made for Shannon's shower or Jenny called it the "Reef" on facebook...I was dying out laughing when I read that!!!! It was my first boa wreath to make and it turned out pretty well. I wish the boas had been a little fuller & more baby blue than they were but oh well. I found the boas for SO cheap online so I went ahead and got a bunch in both light pink & light blue since we will have so many baby showers coming up soon! :)


I really hate daylight savings in the fall b/c when you leave work it is dark & it feels like your day is completely gone...I had that sad feeling leaving work tonight. But I did get my review done today or the discussion part with my boss at least. It went well but I still have no idea what my raise will has to go up the corporate ladder to our headquarters in NC and get approved by the "big dogs" before I find that out. This process will probably take a few weeks but my raise will be retroactive to when my review was originally due which is nice. So really the timing worked out pretty well as it will look like I just waited to tell them about being pregnant until we found out what we are having. I can't wait to see my boss's face when I tell him after our appt. next Tues. Men are so unobservant. One of the girls at work that I hadn't told yet but I was pretty sure knew told me that you could totally tell that I was prego b/c she said my whole wardrobe had completely changed (I'm not wearing maternity clothes yet just looser tops), but of course all the men in our office wouldn't ever notice that. Well I am off to bed as I have a busy next few days at work...we are getting slammed with deals right now and probably will be up until year end. So much for taking the week off before Thanksgiving to do something special for our 1st anniversary...I guess we'll figure something out. It'll all be worth it when I get my end of the year bonus! Good night.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sooo tired...

Well after a LONG w/e of Halloween & baby showers, I had to fly to Charlotte, NC for work at 6am on Monday morning. That means my alarm was going off at 3:30am!!! We were already into Charlotte at 7:15am our time...I'm normally barely awake at that point in the morning. We had to inspect a retail property on Monday morning and then an assisted living facility this morning to see if we wanted to finance them or not. All in all it was an ok trip but I was glad to be home this afternoon so I could still go vote and get my free Ben & Jerry's ice cream. :) While I was gone, Justin had to take apart our dishwasher in order to save a chipmunk that kept getting under or behind it. This wasn't any chipmunk either but the white-tipped tail one that our neighbor cherishes. I've feared the day that we find this one in our house or especially dead. Luckily Justin saved him and set him free back in their yard.

Jenny & I threw Shannon's baby shower at our house on Sunday...she's having her second boy. It was a beautiful day & the shower went really well. It was the first time that I had attempted to make a boa wreath for the door & for Shannon to take with her...I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I'll have to put up pics of the shower when I get them from Jenny, hopefully she took a picture of it. I went ahead and ordered a bunch of boas in light pink & light blue online knowing I would easily use them over the next year or so with all the babies on the way! Less than a week until we find out what we are having...Veterans Day (11/11) at 1 is our appt...we CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Oh and my early morning trip was worth it since my boss told me we are doing my review FINALLY tomorrow morning...hopefully it'll go well!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Little critters...

Back in pre-Bailey days, our little scavenger Lucky used to bring us "presents" all the time, pretty much on a daily basis and sometimes multiple times a day. The thing that amazes me is how she catches all these little critters with no front claws, not to mention she still climbs trees. We have had everything under the sun in our house except a squirrel...they are way too quick for her! Just to give you an idea, the usual suspects are moles and chipmunks but we have had birds, all sorts of bugs and even bats & snakes! I can't tell you the number of animals we have had to save & help get out of our house...the scariest by far was the kept flying around in our 2 story foyer & we would have to duck out of the way but still try to coax it out the was crazy! So yesterday Justin took a 1/2 day off to go to the turns out his cold had turned into a bacterial infection. Well he had napped on the couch for awhile & when he got up to get ready & walked in the bedroom, a little mole walked right across the carpet in front him. Usually if Lucky brings in something & loses it in the house such as under a closet door, she will hang out around the door for hours until she can get in to get it. Who knows how long our little friend was hanging out in our room...

P.S. Amy, Addy & I had a BLAST at the beach & I was sad to come back to 30 degree weather when it was mid 70's down there! I'll hopefully have some pics up as soon as my wonderful friends send them to me...I never took a purse out big enough to hold my camera.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The Luckster is back!! She shockingly came in last night at her usual time around 9:30 or so. She's so funny b/c she comes in the dog door which is in the kitchen and if someone is in there (which I was) then she struts around in circles with her back arched waiting on you to pet her or pay attention to her...she is so not your typical cat & thinks she is a human sometimes! She's such a sweetheart & I would absolutely DIE if something happened to her. Well, she is back in jail now or I'm sure that is what she is thinking it is & her sore actually looks better...the hole seems to be getting smaller thank goodness.

So Justin will be flying out of the B'ham airport here shortly to go to West Virginia to cheer on our Auburn Tigers tomorrow night. He is going up there with a bunch of his buddies & they are staying the w/e in Pittsburgh...I'm sure they'll have a blast & hopefully pull us through to a victory...we sure do need it! I actually felt a little gloomy when he was leaving today since I won't see him until Sunday...I guess those pregnancy hormones are getting to me. We are just always together & he's been so sweet the past 3 mornings cooking me breakfast before I head to work & getting some things done around the house since he has been off work. But, I am headed to the beach tomorrow for a girl's w/e of fun in the sun & I can't wait to be down there!! I have a pedicure appt. right after work too which will be nice & relaxing...I always know how to keep myself busy. :)

Oh and just an update on the baby...things haven't changed much. I really just forget I'm prego half the time b/c there is barely anything there. I am supposed to be able to feel the baby now or sometime soon which I think I've felt he/she but not actually sure. It is supposed to be kind of like a flutter like a butterfly or kind of twitching...I felt something last week while I was lying on the couch almost like a little flutter that felt like I was nervous & my stomach was twitching. This week I've felt slight things here and there but nothing big & I have to be lying still for a little while to feel anything. I'm ready for this baby to be moving & shaking! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well we have had a few animal issues over the last week or so. We started training Bailey on her electric fence this past week which was harder on me than I thought it was going to be. She is 7 mos. old now and I was planning on starting to train her at 6 mos. but you have to walk her around the flags 3 times a day for a straight week & with football season & us being out of town pretty much every w/e, we hadn't been able to do it until now. Usually Justin & I have both been out there with her b/c you have to give her lots of treats & play with her in the yard so she doesn't get afraid of the actual yard. The hard part for me is watching her get shocked...I didn't like the feeling of the shock through a thick glove, so the thought of it shocking her poor little neck just makes me cringe. Plus to hear her yelp and jump in the air is just terrible, but she has to learn & she'll love having the freedom to run in the yard soon enough. And don't think she has been shocked a bunch...she isn't allowed more than 2 shocks a session...she has been shocked maybe 6 times total so far. We are in week two of the training, so now she goes out with us still but w/o a leash and we think she is getting the hang of it.

Onto the next pet, Miss Lucky Loo, (I need to put pics up) who is our beloved cat over Tigger, who is enjoying urinating & pooping wherever he darn well pleases & I just want to strangle him!! He is about to be relocated to the garage! Anyhow I noticed our little Lucky was rather mopey on Th. so I checked her out & realized she had a swollen area on her back left behind by her tail. Of course she wouldn't let me touch it or get near it, so I just kept an eye on her and made sure she was eating/drinking etc. She was being completely normal the next day, outside playing just as she always does most of the time. Well come Sat., I just wanted to check it out and see if the swelling had gone down which it had but then I saw that she had a gash up under her hair that was basically a hole the size of a dime or maybe a penny! It was nasty looking! I mean it literally was like a hole in her skin & it looked like you could see her muscle or something...gross!! Of course I call the vet & they closed at 12 (it was 1) so we had to wait til Mon. to take her since she seemed fine & it wasn't necessarily an emergency. (We already spent over $750 back in Jan. when she got real sick & had to go to the emergency vet so we were hoping to avoid another one of those instances.) Justin is off work all week so he got to take her in and the vet said it was abscess, supposedly no big deal, gave her a few shots and said to keep her inside ALL week...poor Lucky! She is a majority outside cat and kept walking around the house meowing and pawing at the doors to go out all day yesterday...she was hating being trapped in the house! Well today I come home at lunch and go to the bathroom and notice the window was open & the screen was missing. We open the window when we shower since we don't have an exhaust fan in there so that it stays ventilated. Justin has been doing some things around the house since he took the week off, so I wasn't sure if he had removed the screen for some reason & then I realized...Lucky had escaped!!! I called him and sure enough that was the case...the window to our bathroom is a good 7 or 8 feet from the ground and so she had to have pushed pretty hard to pop the screen out and then jumped down. We probably won't be seeing her for awhile...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Dear Diary...

Well I'm addicted already!! Who knew this could be so much fun! I seriously feel like I should be writing "Dear Diary" at the top of each entry but I guess I'll get past that at some point. :) So today has been a slow, boring day for me at work & the weather outside is not making things any better. I am thrilled that AU is off this w/e & we aren't going to be out of town like we have been for the past 2 months it seems. Justin & I are both nursing colds right now which has been no fun but it was a great excuse on Tues. when I had my 16 week appt. to why I was going to the doctor. I have been awaiting my yearly review from my boss which was due Oct. 10 before I spill the beans about being pregnant. I figure I don't want my pregnancy hindering me from getting a promotion or nice raise since there is a possibility I won't be back after the baby is born. He mentioned a few days before it was due something about getting it done in the next few days but then he said "b/c I promised you I'd have it done in Oct." which made me realize he would probably drag it out to Oct. 31 which is normally how he does things around here...everything is last minute. But then earlier this week the review was mentioned again & that it would be done this week...well it is 4:00 on Friday & I don't see it happening within the next hour so, so much for that! So by the time I do finally get my review then I can tell them that "I am halfway through my pregnancy and I am having a ___!" That'll be interesting I'm sure!!! Happy Friday to all!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

16 Week Appointment

We just had our 16 week appt. on Oct. sonogram pics this time. We did get to hear the heart beat through the doplar & we found out that the test results came back normal from the last appt. where they drew 5 or 6 vials of blood...yuck! This whole process will def. help me get over my fear of needles, blood, etc. They drew another vial of blood at this appt. to run the 2nd set of abnormal testing, this time for things like spina bifida. She also told me that since my blood type is A- that makes me Rh- & I will have to get a shot at 28 weeks and possibly one more after the baby is born depending on what type of blood type he/she has. I had read a little about this Rh- issue previously but didn't realize it pertained to me...woohoo more needles! It is actually a prevention for future pregnancies and really has nothing to do with my current pregnancy which is reassuring & good to know. The doctor also said that I should def. be showing & in maternity clothes by the next appt. at 20 weeks. She didn't seem concerned that I hadn't gained any weight yet or that I'm really not wonder my work still doesn't know I'm prego. :) The baby is supposed to be about the size of an avocado weighing 3 1/2 ounces & measuring 4 1/2 inches long & is supposed to double in size over the next few weeks. I'm ready to be showing and not just have this little pooch/bloated look going on! At the next appt. we get to find out if we are having a boy or a girl & I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 Week Appointment

And here are the sonogram pics from our 12 week appt. on Sept. 16 which are much better than the "blob" ones at 8 is amazing how fast they grow!!! You can see the head down to the right & the body to the upper left. and some arms inbetween. The bottom one is in a frame on my bedside table. :) I was exactly 12 weeks that day but the baby was measuring 13 weeks and a day and if I remember correctly had a strong heart rate of was 172 at our first appt. It was so real now & I was just happy that we made it to that point in our pregnancy...we are so blessed!

First Sonogram Pics

So here are our first sonogram pics...sorry they are so small but this is the first time for me to use our scanner at the house - the one at work only scans them to a PDF instead of picture format. These were taken at our first appt. on August 18. This appt. felt like it took years to finally get here! Here is the background to the "finding out I was pregnant" story...I had just gotten off birth control a month earlier than we were planning on starting to try since I had been on it for so long I figured it would be good to have a month off to let my body get "back to normal" or whatever. Well Tuesday, July 22 rolls around when I used to always start on BC and I didn't big deal, maybe I'm not a 28-day cycle. Well come Wed. my good friend Laura at work is determined I am prego & says she has a test at home & is going to get it at lunch & then we can do it in the bathroom that afternoon. I thought she was crazy but agreed. Well around 2:30 we head to the bathroom & take the test. I bring it out & haven't a clue how to read it except to look for a + sign. Well the vertical line was very prominent & had shown up immediately & the horizontal was sort of faint so both of us were unsure if that was considered a + or not...then we compared it to the little insert that comes with it & the vertical line is the one you are supposed to be looking for the whole time. Of course there were some cheerful screams at that point & OMG I'm pregnant!!! It is the strangest feeling to be not pregnant one minute & then pregnant the is indescribable. I had a conference call scheduled at 3 which I don't think I remember or listened to a single thing on that call. I called Justin after that & we bought another test after work to do together which this time we got a digital one that says "pregnant" or "not pregnant"...much easier to read. :) So after all that fun & excitement I called the doctor the next day to schedule my appt. & she said I couldn't come in until 8 weeks! I was like I have to wait a whole month before I can even come in!!! That was by far the longest 4 weeks EVER!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blogging here we come!

Well after much recommendation and pressure from a bunch of our friends, I have finally set up the Flurry family blog. I was going to wait until after our little one was born, but I guess it will be fun putting up sonogram pics, writing about my thoughts/feelings etc., and I'm sure it'll just get me that much more excited about our soon-to-be new addition! Plus, I'm sure some animal pics will show up on here sometime especially our favorite little puppy Bailey who we can't get enough of and I know this will be a great way for our friends and family to keep up with us. So here goes...