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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The Luckster is back!! She shockingly came in last night at her usual time around 9:30 or so. She's so funny b/c she comes in the dog door which is in the kitchen and if someone is in there (which I was) then she struts around in circles with her back arched waiting on you to pet her or pay attention to her...she is so not your typical cat & thinks she is a human sometimes! She's such a sweetheart & I would absolutely DIE if something happened to her. Well, she is back in jail now or I'm sure that is what she is thinking it is & her sore actually looks better...the hole seems to be getting smaller thank goodness.

So Justin will be flying out of the B'ham airport here shortly to go to West Virginia to cheer on our Auburn Tigers tomorrow night. He is going up there with a bunch of his buddies & they are staying the w/e in Pittsburgh...I'm sure they'll have a blast & hopefully pull us through to a victory...we sure do need it! I actually felt a little gloomy when he was leaving today since I won't see him until Sunday...I guess those pregnancy hormones are getting to me. We are just always together & he's been so sweet the past 3 mornings cooking me breakfast before I head to work & getting some things done around the house since he has been off work. But, I am headed to the beach tomorrow for a girl's w/e of fun in the sun & I can't wait to be down there!! I have a pedicure appt. right after work too which will be nice & relaxing...I always know how to keep myself busy. :)

Oh and just an update on the baby...things haven't changed much. I really just forget I'm prego half the time b/c there is barely anything there. I am supposed to be able to feel the baby now or sometime soon which I think I've felt he/she but not actually sure. It is supposed to be kind of like a flutter like a butterfly or kind of twitching...I felt something last week while I was lying on the couch almost like a little flutter that felt like I was nervous & my stomach was twitching. This week I've felt slight things here and there but nothing big & I have to be lying still for a little while to feel anything. I'm ready for this baby to be moving & shaking! :)


  1. before you know it baby Flurry will be bouncing off the walls in there!! So glad kitty cat is back!! Have fun at the beach!

  2. Go Auburn!! My good friend out here in CA, her fiancé went to UWV so I have been talking smack for the past few weeks. I hope we win. War Eagle...

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  4. Congrats Ya'll! Just came across this through Meredith's blog. So exciting!