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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well we have had a few animal issues over the last week or so. We started training Bailey on her electric fence this past week which was harder on me than I thought it was going to be. She is 7 mos. old now and I was planning on starting to train her at 6 mos. but you have to walk her around the flags 3 times a day for a straight week & with football season & us being out of town pretty much every w/e, we hadn't been able to do it until now. Usually Justin & I have both been out there with her b/c you have to give her lots of treats & play with her in the yard so she doesn't get afraid of the actual yard. The hard part for me is watching her get shocked...I didn't like the feeling of the shock through a thick glove, so the thought of it shocking her poor little neck just makes me cringe. Plus to hear her yelp and jump in the air is just terrible, but she has to learn & she'll love having the freedom to run in the yard soon enough. And don't think she has been shocked a bunch...she isn't allowed more than 2 shocks a session...she has been shocked maybe 6 times total so far. We are in week two of the training, so now she goes out with us still but w/o a leash and we think she is getting the hang of it.

Onto the next pet, Miss Lucky Loo, (I need to put pics up) who is our beloved cat over Tigger, who is enjoying urinating & pooping wherever he darn well pleases & I just want to strangle him!! He is about to be relocated to the garage! Anyhow I noticed our little Lucky was rather mopey on Th. so I checked her out & realized she had a swollen area on her back left behind by her tail. Of course she wouldn't let me touch it or get near it, so I just kept an eye on her and made sure she was eating/drinking etc. She was being completely normal the next day, outside playing just as she always does most of the time. Well come Sat., I just wanted to check it out and see if the swelling had gone down which it had but then I saw that she had a gash up under her hair that was basically a hole the size of a dime or maybe a penny! It was nasty looking! I mean it literally was like a hole in her skin & it looked like you could see her muscle or something...gross!! Of course I call the vet & they closed at 12 (it was 1) so we had to wait til Mon. to take her since she seemed fine & it wasn't necessarily an emergency. (We already spent over $750 back in Jan. when she got real sick & had to go to the emergency vet so we were hoping to avoid another one of those instances.) Justin is off work all week so he got to take her in and the vet said it was abscess, supposedly no big deal, gave her a few shots and said to keep her inside ALL week...poor Lucky! She is a majority outside cat and kept walking around the house meowing and pawing at the doors to go out all day yesterday...she was hating being trapped in the house! Well today I come home at lunch and go to the bathroom and notice the window was open & the screen was missing. We open the window when we shower since we don't have an exhaust fan in there so that it stays ventilated. Justin has been doing some things around the house since he took the week off, so I wasn't sure if he had removed the screen for some reason & then I realized...Lucky had escaped!!! I called him and sure enough that was the case...the window to our bathroom is a good 7 or 8 feet from the ground and so she had to have pushed pretty hard to pop the screen out and then jumped down. We probably won't be seeing her for awhile...


  1. OH NO!! I hope Lucky makes it back soon. Loving your blog Ashley!!

  2. Hey girl!! Catharine told me you are expecting! CONGRATS!!! I am so excited for you both!! Loving the blog!! Praying for the safe return of Lucky!!