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Monday, January 31, 2011

We had a fabulous w/e!

The weather could not have been more perfect this w/e! I just wish it could stay that way all the time...70 & sunny. My w/e started out with a much needed mexican dinner with the girls on Fri night. I got home just in time for bath time, reading & snuggling before bed with my little man. Sat. C went with his Papaw & Lala to lunch in Gadsden to visit with Lala's mom & celebrate her b'day. He was actually a surprise for her & they had a great time. As soon as he got home, we headed over to the local park to play. He had only napped a little in the car but seemed energized & I didn't want to waste the precious day inside. Sun. was spent at church & then I helped hostess a "sprinkle" for my friend Meagan who is having her 2nd boy in early March.

The diaper wreath I made...she has a safari animal theme in Levi's room.

The mom-to-be & her adorable banner.

Megs & her hostesses

Now I know y'all don't really care about pics of me & what's a post w/o pics of C anyway?! :) This was taken right after we got home from church...J took these pics & couldn't get the camera in time but C completely crawled through the middle part of the coffee table under the glass from one side to the next. Now I've seen our 10 lb cat crawl through but not my 30 lb toddler...what a nut! He never ceases to amaze me!!

I was actually supposed to be in Indiana tonight for work but if you've been watching the news/weather you probably saw that a huge & I mean HUGE snow/ice storm is coming through the whole midwest starting tonight thru Wed. They've said they will probably have to measure the snowfall in feet not inches. Not to mention there are supposed to be winds of 25 mph & with the temps in the teens that just sounds brutal! So I'm very thankful that we could reschedule for Fri b/c I was not wanting to get stuck in Fort Wayne, IN for days on end! The high is only supposed to be 18 though...these 60 degree days are almost over here too unfortunately. :(

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where have we been?!?!

You've missed us, right?!!? :) HA totally kidding but I feel like I haven't blogged or even read blogs in YEARS when it's only been 2 weeks...there really hasn't been much going on with us except that we are National Champions :)...that is the #1 blog post I need to catch up on that is holding me back b/c I know it's going to be a LONG one! :) I already told J the other day that we are going to have to move the desk & computer upstairs (we already moved one of the desks & his multiple computer screens up here for him to work at home & still be able to hang with us) b/c it is diminishing my blogging since that is where I download all of my pics & it is like a dungeon or that's what I like to call it. It's cold, no windows & no one to talk so who would want to hang out down there?! Tax season is in full swing...boooo...J is working early & late these days. I've been busy with work...out of town & such & the weather has kept us indoors mostly...we did go to McWane center this past w/e which Carter can't get enough of that place! Much more to check back soon!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ahhh Arizona!

This place is gorgeous...I forget just how beautiful the mountains look in the background & all the neat scenery. So we got here yesterday a little after lunch. The plane was filled with orange & blue...we had a few War Eagle's over the loud was an early departure so I don't think everyone was feeling the spirit like other planes we heard about from our friends we met out here. Those had cheers going on every 20 min or so the entire way...way to go for them...of course that probably would've gotten on my nerves about halfway there even though I love my team & all. :) We are staying in some condos in Scottsdale...& we are sharing two minivans between the 3 condos...yep sporting the minis & loving it! We did get to eat some In 'N Out burger for lunch yesterday...heaven. I thought those were only in Cali so it was a pleasant surprise to see & eat that. We went & hung out near the Fashion Mall yesterday...a really nice upscale part of Scottsdale. They had a sort of fan fare called the Bud Light Fiesta party with a huge field, stage with numerous bands, all sorts of games, drinks, food, etc. Lots going on here & fun to see all the AU fans!! WDE!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

1 week from right now...

We will be in Glendale, Arizona sitting in our seats at University of Phoenix stadium for the National Championship game watching our Auburn Tigers hopefully clobber those Oregon Ducks!! And we CAN'T WAIT!!!!! :) We actually fly out in less than 4 days...I can't believe it's already here! What I'm really looking forward to is the change in climate!!! The highs here will be the lows there & it is supposed to be in the high 60's for most of the trip....that balmy weather is to die for! We had a little taste of that here on new years eve...70 & I was LOVING it!!! We will seriously miss our little buddy though...I always hate to leave him but with this kind of trip it just wouldn't work with a toddler & no babysitter. :) He is already talking about Tishy & Shashe...he just eats up their spoilage! :)  To all my AU fans...WAAAAAR EAGLE & we hope to see you out there!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A new year, a new table

Today we finally got our new kitchen table...a very long overdue kitchen table. We had one before but it was a "2-top" (in restaurant lingo) and was a pub table at that. This worked well with C in his highchair but he has so outgrown that thing & the only really good use he gets out of it now is to get away from the pups while he's eating. I was wondering how he'd react with this new change but he completely surprised me & hopped right in it like it had been there all along even before it was dinner time. He has used his booster seat before so I guess he knew which seat should be his & pulled the chair out & tried to climb in. Once we got him in & pushed him to the table, he was banging on it like this was nothing new. He even pushed his chair back up to the table once he got out...absolutely precious & what manners! :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

McWane Center

Warning: There are LOTS of pics in the post...this place is 4 stories of fun so there is tons to do!

We went yesterday morning with a group of friends & their kiddos to the McWane Center downtown. C loved it which we knew he would & we went ahead & bought a yr membership...I know we'll get our money's worth.

Sweet Walker loved this space shuttle & didn't want to leave.

Callie & Carter playing in the sand...

David & C were wearing matching pants.

He was not loving the booties you had to wear over your shoes to get in the snow area.

He decided to taste the snow...right after the lady told me that it was the same material they use to make diapers...gross! It felt cool though.

This little girl asked me to take her picture & then asked if I thought C & her could be friends...then she started doing introductions, asking our names, etc...very friendly girl to say the least. :)

J & C decided to go ice fishing...

...but C had a better idea...
...why not be the fish?!?

In the winter wonderland upstairs they had a huge slide going down the escalator...

You had to be 3' to go down it which I'm pretty sure C is but the red line they had was a bit high...I guess they didn't care b/c he rode quite a few times & would've kept going if we didn't make him go downstairs to find everyone else.

We had so much fun & can't wait to go back again soon!!!!