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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ahhh Arizona!

This place is gorgeous...I forget just how beautiful the mountains look in the background & all the neat scenery. So we got here yesterday a little after lunch. The plane was filled with orange & blue...we had a few War Eagle's over the loud was an early departure so I don't think everyone was feeling the spirit like other planes we heard about from our friends we met out here. Those had cheers going on every 20 min or so the entire way...way to go for them...of course that probably would've gotten on my nerves about halfway there even though I love my team & all. :) We are staying in some condos in Scottsdale...& we are sharing two minivans between the 3 condos...yep sporting the minis & loving it! We did get to eat some In 'N Out burger for lunch yesterday...heaven. I thought those were only in Cali so it was a pleasant surprise to see & eat that. We went & hung out near the Fashion Mall yesterday...a really nice upscale part of Scottsdale. They had a sort of fan fare called the Bud Light Fiesta party with a huge field, stage with numerous bands, all sorts of games, drinks, food, etc. Lots going on here & fun to see all the AU fans!! WDE!!!!

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  1. Leaving in a couple flight from Nashville. This post has me even more excited!!! WDE