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Friday, July 30, 2010

Mommy's little helper

Every time I pull out the broom it is swiped within seconds from this little cutie...

Guess I need to invest in a set for him...I'll take any help I can get!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


One week from today we will be in Playa Mujeres, Mexico (just outside of Cancun) for one of my best friend Carrie's wedding. Feel free to check out her wedding website here. She is planning on having her wedding webcast so that those that couldn't make it can watch it take place & those that want to watch me trip down the aisle in the sand can do so. :) Not really sure how that's going to work but there is a "websites" section on her site so maybe it'll be there?!?! I'll keep y'all posted on that one. We are looking SO forward to it & me especially so I can see some of my girls that live out of town & miss so dearly!! We will of course miss this little guy more than anything & I know we'll be anxious to get back to steal all those slobbery kisses & oh so sweet hugs!!! Every day I fall more & more in love with this little sweetheart especially when he is so silly like this...  

C found his old car seat while playing downstairs in the dungeon (as I like to call it)...guess it hasn't found its way up 2 flights of stairs to the attic yet. :) He loved it & kept crawling in & out of it over & over! So easily amused!

He held onto this red block the whole time he was twisting & turning & pulling himself up.

I love the expression on his face...are you going to tell me to sit down?!?

P.S. Carter's eye is basically back to normal which is great. This afternoon he had a fever though & had to come home from school. I feel like I blame everything on his teething but I really think that's all it is. He has had a slight cough at night but I also think that is from the teething causing his nose to drain a little. Def. ready for all these toofies to come in & be done!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jean Junky

I have a ridiculous obsession with buying jeans. Didn't realize it until tonight when I was cleaning out some clothes for Hannah Home who is coming around our neighborhood tom. (I love when they do this) to pick up donations. They come by once every 3-4 mos. & I usually try to have a few bags out there b/c 1) it saves me a trip to Goodwill or any other drop off spot 2) it helps me keep up with throwing things out. I hate clutter & my philosophy is if you don't need it someone else probably does so give it away! If you count that stack there are 14 pairs...I should not be allowed to buy jeans.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We started our day off bright & early at the doctor's office b/c Carter woke up with a swollen right eye & we weren't sure why. Last night was when we first noticed that his eye looked kind of droopy. It was almost instant b/c J & I both noticed it basically at the same was very strange. First thing I thought was maybe he had inherited Justin's lazy eye he gets every now & then & that it just hadn't come out until now. But then the more I thought about it & looked at him, the more I wondered what was causing it. So of course I pick up the laptop & start digging around the internet...always a bad idea but it is the quickest way to find answers & to scare the you know what out of you. The first thing that came to mind was a stroke. Now I know that sounds crazy & is way more common in adults but I almost thought the right side of his face could have been losing sensation & we'd never know. So I know that was way too far fetched & probably worst case scenario. The other things I read about were things like Bells Palsy which is a temporary loss of nerve function but it goes away after a few weeks normally without medication so that didn't sound so bad if that was the case. It didn't seem to bother him & he didn't act any different so I figured we'd let him sleep on it & we'd see how it looked in the am. And he woke up looking like he was half chinese/japanese...

Now we did get good news from the ped. He didn't see anything (sting, irritation, etc) & all his vitals/physical attributes looked normal. So he just said to give him a few doses of benadryl & he should be good to go. He did say if it gets worse or if his eye starts to look red & irritated then we'll have to readdress the situation. So far the swelling has gone down...he did say the swelling gets worse at night since they are lying horizontal & not standing to let it drain down. It is still puffy & his upper lid is still pink color but we are heading in the right direction. At least he acts like it doesn't affect him one bit so that's a plus. The ped. did mention how he's cutting some teeth...those canines are making there way out (top right one has already broken thru) which hasn't been the most comfortable time for him but we have our good days & bad ones.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Photo session

We took Carter last Sat. to get some studio pics taken first of all b/c he's never had them done like that before & second to avoid getting outside in this blazing heat to take outdoor ones! I dropped the ball on getting his 12 mo. professional pics taken, so I figured 15 mo. could still be a notable age. I think they turned out pretty well & we got a ton of copies & a disc of all the ones they took. The disc only has the original ones she took & not the edited versions unfortunately, so keep in mind these haven't been edited.

Some of my favs...

C was running around like a mad man most of the session so getting any of these shots was very tricky & took lots of props/distractions. So we ended up with many pics like these...

Hear no evil...
...speak no evil.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day trip

Carter & I took a little road trip to ATL yesterday to visit one of my best friends Amy & her sweet new baby boy Blake. Addy drove in from Nashville as well so it was a fun little get together for all 3 of us! We all took a dip in the pool for a bit until a big thunderstorm came thru. It was a quick trip but we had a great time. Addy is expecting another boy in Dec. too...boys boys everywhere!!

C trying on Amy's shades.

Blake...7 weeks old

He's a good mix of his mommy & daddy.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Princess Leia

This is my nickname for little miss Coco when she looks like this...

...which happens all the time!

Does anyone else have as lazy a dog as we do?!?! Most times she is eating, she is sprawled out on the floor!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Girly time

Well I'll be the first to admit that I am feeling a bit lazy tired tonight so since I already had this post loaded & ready to it is finally. I basically played the "single mom" card this w/e since the hubs was laid up in the bed/on the couch all w/e with this crazy fever/chills thing. I also took Carter to my moms today with my bro to work on her backyard which needed major pruning/cutting back of bushes & it was HOT so I'm drained. It was a good w/e though...mommy had lots of spoiling time with my little man! He did poop behind his chair tonight after bath time w/o a diaper. Awesome.

So the post...these are way old...ok maybe only by a few mos. but still. I finally got around to putting them up here...I'd rather show off my child than me. :)

Amy's baby shower...a bunch of my wonderful Alpha Chi sisters!!
Partial drunco bunco group...not enough ppl could come play so we decided to go eat at Superior Grill instead...ended up being a really late night but SO much fun!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

One flew over...Carter's crib?!

Funny story. Justin called me yesterday morning...I was in Tampa for fill me in on Carter's latest accomplishment. J said he heard C start to stir so he got up to feed the dogs & all of sudden he heard a big thud come from upstairs. He waited a second to see if he heard a cry since it was def. loud enough to be Carter tumbling out of his crib, but he didn't hear a peep. So he started up the stairs to check on him & as he's getting to the top he sees Carter's door slowly start to open...there he is just peering around the door in his sleepslack & all ready to start his day. Guess he wasn't patient enough for J to come get him so he decided to climb out all by himself & I guess waddle his way over to the door. Now granted his bed wasn't at the lowest level it could be (it is now) but I had already taken out the front bumper so he wouldn't stand on it & try to get out & I really didn't think he could've "escaped"...he never ceases to amaze me. :) Well at least he didn't get hurt during this whole extravaganza...I still wonder how he slung a leg over with that sleepsack on or if he just went head first...he is fearless!

In other news...

I flew down to Tampa Th. night for work & went to stay with my cousin Clara & her husband Eli & daughter Hasmik (it is Armenian & means Jasmine). She is only a month & 1/2 older than Carter so I would've loved for them to meet but I was just excited to finally meet her myself! My aunt came over as well so we had a fun little family get together. She is absolutely precious & warmed right up to me instantly...she only weighs 19 lbs so I was happy to hold her...I felt like I could just toss her around compared to my little chunker. She is very tall & can even sing the happy b'day is only under her breath & when she thinks noone else is listening but it's the cutest thing ever!

These are everywhere in their neighborhood...I only came in & out once & still managed to see 4 of them & 2 of those were bambi's.


J has come down with some sort of fever virus (we think) today & Carter is starting to get pink eye in both of his is supposedly going around school & is of course highly contagious! Hopefully we don't all come down with it! We did get to go take some studio pictures today of C & all of us that I had already scheduled for this morning...those pics to come!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A day of parks

Saturday we took Carter down to our neighborhood park early on in the day to avoid the heat & just to get out of the house. He loved the slide & climbing on everything as best he could. Please excuse the sort of fuzzy video clip (I don't put videos on here enough to remember everytime how to save the best quality video w/o making it a gigantic file), my attire & cheering/mommy talk... 

Once Carter got bored of that we decided to do a little driving around. I mentioned how we should go to Georgetown Park & feed the ducks & before I knew it we were at Bruno's grabbing some bread & headed that way. For those that don't know where this little hidden gem is (which is probably all of you) it is a little lake with a walking trail & a playground right off of Lorna Road back in a'd never know it was there if you didn't drive back there. We had a great time & I think C really liked the ducks other than the one that nipped him to snag the bread out of his hand...might have been this guy...

This little duck (the prettiest of them all) couldn't get enough of us & followed us (quickly I might add - I wish I'd had my video camera out to catch his crazy waddle) about a 1/4 of the way around the lake...he must have really been hungry!
A quirky shot of C-man but you can see our little friend that had pretty blue wings.
As they all swarmed in...
There were tons of them...
Some didn't mind getting up close & personal...
Then we came across these adorable little ducklings!
And a nest with some eggs.

Next time we go I think we need to take 3 or 4 loaves of bread b/c we ran out fast & I still don't think we even fed half the ducks on the lake. We had a great time & I'm sure we'll be back soon to see if those eggs have hatched yet & check on our little friend with the pretty blue wings.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Have you ever seen a little green devil?!?

This towel is actually supposed to be a "pig" but we couldn't help but think it looked like a devil with horns & a curly tail...all he needed was the pitchfork & he would've been set!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Play time with cousins!

Last week Sara & the girls made a last minute trip up to B'ham to visit. Her bf from high school was in town from NY so they came & stayed with us for a few nights...we loved seeing them of course! This was our attempt at getting a cousin pic...never got a framer but still cute to see them all together!

I love Audrey's expression!
Audrey did such a good job posing unlike the other two!
The best one I got of all 3 "looking"...
Hadley... to Hadley?! :) (How sweet is that 8 mo. old's grin!)
And my fav of my little munchkin!