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Saturday, July 17, 2010

One flew over...Carter's crib?!

Funny story. Justin called me yesterday morning...I was in Tampa for fill me in on Carter's latest accomplishment. J said he heard C start to stir so he got up to feed the dogs & all of sudden he heard a big thud come from upstairs. He waited a second to see if he heard a cry since it was def. loud enough to be Carter tumbling out of his crib, but he didn't hear a peep. So he started up the stairs to check on him & as he's getting to the top he sees Carter's door slowly start to open...there he is just peering around the door in his sleepslack & all ready to start his day. Guess he wasn't patient enough for J to come get him so he decided to climb out all by himself & I guess waddle his way over to the door. Now granted his bed wasn't at the lowest level it could be (it is now) but I had already taken out the front bumper so he wouldn't stand on it & try to get out & I really didn't think he could've "escaped"...he never ceases to amaze me. :) Well at least he didn't get hurt during this whole extravaganza...I still wonder how he slung a leg over with that sleepsack on or if he just went head first...he is fearless!

In other news...

I flew down to Tampa Th. night for work & went to stay with my cousin Clara & her husband Eli & daughter Hasmik (it is Armenian & means Jasmine). She is only a month & 1/2 older than Carter so I would've loved for them to meet but I was just excited to finally meet her myself! My aunt came over as well so we had a fun little family get together. She is absolutely precious & warmed right up to me instantly...she only weighs 19 lbs so I was happy to hold her...I felt like I could just toss her around compared to my little chunker. She is very tall & can even sing the happy b'day is only under her breath & when she thinks noone else is listening but it's the cutest thing ever!

These are everywhere in their neighborhood...I only came in & out once & still managed to see 4 of them & 2 of those were bambi's.


J has come down with some sort of fever virus (we think) today & Carter is starting to get pink eye in both of his is supposedly going around school & is of course highly contagious! Hopefully we don't all come down with it! We did get to go take some studio pictures today of C & all of us that I had already scheduled for this morning...those pics to come!!


  1. I can't believe Carter jumped out of the crib! I've seen Hudson hike his leg up a couple of times as if to try, but I don't think he's figured it out yet. I dread that "thump!"

  2. Grady used throw all of his pillows and blanket out of the bed into a pile and would then flip himself out!! Thats when we decided to turn his bed into a toddler bed and just take our chances with him wondering around.