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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Girly time

Well I'll be the first to admit that I am feeling a bit lazy tired tonight so since I already had this post loaded & ready to it is finally. I basically played the "single mom" card this w/e since the hubs was laid up in the bed/on the couch all w/e with this crazy fever/chills thing. I also took Carter to my moms today with my bro to work on her backyard which needed major pruning/cutting back of bushes & it was HOT so I'm drained. It was a good w/e though...mommy had lots of spoiling time with my little man! He did poop behind his chair tonight after bath time w/o a diaper. Awesome.

So the post...these are way old...ok maybe only by a few mos. but still. I finally got around to putting them up here...I'd rather show off my child than me. :)

Amy's baby shower...a bunch of my wonderful Alpha Chi sisters!!
Partial drunco bunco group...not enough ppl could come play so we decided to go eat at Superior Grill instead...ended up being a really late night but SO much fun!!

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