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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Carter's furniture is here!!

We decided to go ahead & get all of the furniture delivered today except the chair since it wasn't in yet & we figured we could just go pick it up sometime with my MDX whenever it came in. Well much to our surprise they had the chair with them on the truck! I was thrilled!! So here is the room with everything in it but not necessarily where we are keeping all the furniture...we may rearrange after we get a feel for it all. Sara also brought the bed skirt to my baby shower this past Sunday, so of course I had it on the bed immediately trying it out & it looks GREAT! The fabric isn't as shiny in person as it is in the pictures...not sure why it looks like that. I can't wait to get a mattress, the bumpers and the curtains all in and set up! It just feels so much more real now & I actually have places to put all of his things...yea!

After Justin got home from work tonight he decided to put a few of the big things together that we just got at the shower on Sunday. He did the travel system and pack 'n play since those will be our first two necessities as soon as Carter gets here. The swing and jogging stroller are next! And of course little Miss Luck went exploring after he got it all set up...I think she was "trying out" everything not 5 min. after he was finished. I got this funny pic of her in the pumpkin seat...I really wanted a pic of her in the basket below the stroller but she jumped out before I could take it...she is one of a kind!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bright & Early!

Thomasville delivered our new chest of drawers for the foyer at 6:30am this morning...that's the earliest I have ever heard of anyone getting furniture delivered. They supposedly deliver b/w 7am & 9pm but the guy called when he was a few miles away saying he was early...yeah to say the least! I felt bad for the neighbors b/c they brought it with a huge 18-wheeler that wasn't the quietest I have ever heard & parked it right in front of their house. Well we are glad to finally have a piece of furniture for the foyer. We have been looking for something for awhile & fell in love with this since it was kind of funky and different with the stripes...most of other furniture is pretty contemporary & simple. I know I'm going to love the extra storage too!

I got a funny pic of Lucky this week...she decided to curl up in the foam wreath form that I bought to make a boa wreath for a shower the end of March. It was sitting on the counter and actually had part of a newspaper on top of it and she just curled up in it like I got it just for her. She pretty much does this with anything she feels like she can "get in". That's why I just love her & her personality!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick update

I just realized that I never filled everyone in on how the 32 week appt went & now I just had my 34 week appt today...this whole pregnancy process goes by SO fast!!! Well these past few appts have been a real quick in and out so there isn't too much to share but she said I am measuring exactly how I should be right now (my tummy that is) and she estimates him to weigh b/w 4 & 5 pounds. I go back on March 5th for the big appt where they start to measure & see if I am dialating at all yet. I can't believe that is in 2 weeks!!

Justin hopes to have the nursery completely finished this w/e. All the carpets upstairs are getting steam cleaned on Saturday & he is working on building Carter's new closet system. We couldn't find anything we liked anywhere that wasn't made of cheap particle board so he decided he could build the shelves and hanging bars on both sides of the closet himself. Justin has become quite the handy man throughout this whole "make a nursery" process. It has been fun! I will put up some updated pics soon. I called about the recliner today & it is still not in but as soon as it comes in they are delivering all of his furniture...I can't wait to see it all put together! We are getting our new chest of drawers for the foyer delivered tomorrow...I am anxious to see how it looks. I also have the big girly baby shower on Sunday that I am looking very forward to. I can't wait to see all my college girls and others that I don't get to see very often! I'll have to post pics from that too. Oh and Laura gave me a disk with my prego pics on it so I need to go through it & pick out a few to put on here so everyone can see my big 'ole belly! :) You'd think since I had the day off on Monday that I could get to all of this but it has been a crazy week!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Walker Weed is here!!

Walker Kennedy Weed was born one week ago today at 5:13pm weighing 7lbs 11oz & 20.75 inches long (I think that is the right length according to Megs). He is so precious & looks just like his Daddy!! I was just tickled when we got to the hospital to see him decked out in the outfit I had made for him. :) And how cute are the hershey bars that they gave out announcing his arrival. Congrats to Meagan & Grant on this perfect little miracle!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

3 states in less than 18 hours

Yesterday was a dreaded day of travel for work & hopefully my last for awhile. Well, I know it is since I am 32 weeks this week & the doctors don't recommend traveling too far away from home after this point. So to start I was up yesterday bright & early at 3:45am to begin my extremely long day. I did have the unexpected but appreciated company of my sweet cat Lucky Loo while I was getting ready. It was almost as though she felt sorry for me for having to be up so early so she hung out with me until I left. :) Usually she would still be asleep on the couch but for some reason she followed me around the whole morning. She was inb/w the shower curtain & liner while I showered & even up on the bathroom counter while I dried my hair. It actually got my day started better than it normally would've since I usually have the feeling of being the only person awake in the world. I had to fly out at 6am to Charlotte, NC to look at an industrial property there & then fly to Nashville, TN at 1:15 to look at another industrial building & then back home at 11pm. My boss who is in Chicago went with me & we did have ppl chauffeuring us around in both cities which was nice, but by the time I was back in Charlotte for a second time that day since I couldn't get a direct flight out of Nashville, I was ready to get home. Our company forces us to use a horrible online travel agency system called Aladdin & it is very selective on flight availability or airlines we can use so you can't always find the best can be very frustrating. I have definitely been dragging today.

A few things I learned while on my adventure yesterday...if you notice a strange looking truck driving around the airplane before you take off & it is squirting a white foamy looking liquid on the plane that is running down the windows, it is de-icing the plane...we sat next to the runway in B'ham for nearly an hour so that they could do this before we took off even though the captain never told us this (my window had a few crystals on it but nothing I would think they would worry about) & I watched multiple planes pass by & take off ahead of us...we literally watched the sun come up on the tarmac from 6-7. The very front row of the airplane might give you more leg room but you can't keep any of your carry-ons with you b/c there is no seat in front of you to put them under. So anything you need you either have to get out and just hang onto or keep getting up and down out of your seat to get what you need...very annoying for someone who is trying to review these huge 200+ page appraisals & other paperwork. The seat in front of the exit row doesn't allow you to tilt your seat back EVER, so if you are sitting in a seat that has a rounded head rest & you are the perfect height to hit it right underneath so that it pushes your head down, you are just out of luck to find any comfy sitting position...this is what happened to me on the last leg of my flight when all I wanted to do was try to get some shuteye. Oh yeah & there is no window at this seat either...I'm a huge window person on a plane...I love being able to see out.

I did have the pleasure of sitting with an extremely nice hispanic man named Mora who has a wife & 2 daughters & lost everything to Katrina nearly 4 years ago. It was amazing to hear his story of survival & how they are doing great now in Myrtle Beach, SC. He would love to go back to NOLA but he said it just isn't the same now.

On a completely different note, our friends Grant & Meagan had their sweet baby boy Walker yesterday around 5:15pm. We are headed up to the hospital to see him tonight after work & I will post some pics later. I can't wait to see him!

I have my 32 week appt. tomorrow at 1pm. I'm sure it'll be a quick in & out but I'll let everyone know how it goes.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nursery update

The nursery is well underway but definitely not near completion yet. I figured I would put up a few "in process" pics. The first pic shows the "before" pic with the walls taped and ready to be painted. The next shows the paint with the chair rail and Justin is in the process of putting up the crown's a little trickier than the chair rail.

We ordered the new white wood blinds today & they should be here in a few weeks. We also got a curtain rod today & Justin still needs to install the new fan. The furniture should be delivered in the next few weeks as soon as the chair gets in. We are also looking at closet systems as he has a walk-in closet & we were thinking about replacing the current shelving system but not sure what we want yet. My sister-in-law hopes to have his bedding & curtains finished by my baby shower on Feb. 22nd but I'm def. not holding her to that. I'm just so thankful that she is making it for him! So it is all coming along. I'm really pleased with the paint colors we picked out & think it is going to look really good with his black furniture & fabrics. I can't wait until it is a finished product!!

Here is a goofy pic of Miss Lucky climbing in the dogwood tree inb/w ours & the Noto's yard next door today. We were painting the crown molding on the saw horses in the driveway & caught her doing this. Justin actually had to help her down off the branches...silly cat.

Yesterday my friend Laura that works with me took some fun prego pics of me & the belly. I'll have to put some up once she gets me the cd. I think they turned out pretty well.

Oh & we had a great time at our shower last weekend! It was so nice seeing everyone & we got some great things for Carter. Here is a pic of me & the hostesses except Lori who had a family emergency come up & couldn't be there. Thanks to all you sweet girls for throwing us such a wonderful shower!!!