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Friday, February 20, 2009

Bright & Early!

Thomasville delivered our new chest of drawers for the foyer at 6:30am this morning...that's the earliest I have ever heard of anyone getting furniture delivered. They supposedly deliver b/w 7am & 9pm but the guy called when he was a few miles away saying he was early...yeah to say the least! I felt bad for the neighbors b/c they brought it with a huge 18-wheeler that wasn't the quietest I have ever heard & parked it right in front of their house. Well we are glad to finally have a piece of furniture for the foyer. We have been looking for something for awhile & fell in love with this since it was kind of funky and different with the stripes...most of other furniture is pretty contemporary & simple. I know I'm going to love the extra storage too!

I got a funny pic of Lucky this week...she decided to curl up in the foam wreath form that I bought to make a boa wreath for a shower the end of March. It was sitting on the counter and actually had part of a newspaper on top of it and she just curled up in it like I got it just for her. She pretty much does this with anything she feels like she can "get in". That's why I just love her & her personality!

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  1. Hey Ashley! I'm glad I found your blog!! I love the new chest!