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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Carter's furniture is here!!

We decided to go ahead & get all of the furniture delivered today except the chair since it wasn't in yet & we figured we could just go pick it up sometime with my MDX whenever it came in. Well much to our surprise they had the chair with them on the truck! I was thrilled!! So here is the room with everything in it but not necessarily where we are keeping all the furniture...we may rearrange after we get a feel for it all. Sara also brought the bed skirt to my baby shower this past Sunday, so of course I had it on the bed immediately trying it out & it looks GREAT! The fabric isn't as shiny in person as it is in the pictures...not sure why it looks like that. I can't wait to get a mattress, the bumpers and the curtains all in and set up! It just feels so much more real now & I actually have places to put all of his things...yea!

After Justin got home from work tonight he decided to put a few of the big things together that we just got at the shower on Sunday. He did the travel system and pack 'n play since those will be our first two necessities as soon as Carter gets here. The swing and jogging stroller are next! And of course little Miss Luck went exploring after he got it all set up...I think she was "trying out" everything not 5 min. after he was finished. I got this funny pic of her in the pumpkin seat...I really wanted a pic of her in the basket below the stroller but she jumped out before I could take it...she is one of a kind!


  1. Everything is precious!!!! I know you are excited and relieved to have all of that out of the way. Next stop Carterville...

  2. I mean I really laughed out loud when i saw the picture of Lucky in the car seat! That is too cute!

  3. Hate I missed the Sunday Shower!
    I love the furniture!! It looks great!

  4. Ashley! It looks great,I love the paint color. Beautiful. Can't wait to see the bedding and everything! Please let me know if you and Justin need anything at all. And we have the same Chicco travel system, it is great. But dang that little infant seat gets heavy when they start getting bigger. I can barely carry ours now, haha!