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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My work shower...

I thought this invitation was too cute for my work shower that we just had on was our last shower...sad! The head of the marketing dept. at my work came up with the cute theme & designed the invitation along with the adorable poster she made (see pic below) that I am going to frame & put up in Carter's room...she is so creative!! They also had these cute bug catchers for centerpieces on the tables (see pic below). All the girls did an awesome job getting it all set up! It was a great shower & we got a lot of things we needed including a mattress, his bath tub & a bunch of clothes & other necessities. Also Laura made him this awesome quilt...I LOVE IT!! It is too cute & so me!! Thank you Laura for your time & sewing expertise! :)

I know I need to put up the baby shower pics from the other Sunday & I have some fun ones with Bailey & the snow we had on Sunday...hopefully I will get to those tonight! Poor Justin has been sick since Sunday too...boys are so pitiful when they are sick!! He went to the doctor yesterday & he has a flu like virus & is contagious...I was like great, stay away from me!! I had the flu shot but I don't know if it would ward off this virus he has. He has been working from home the past 2 days & I got a funny email from him earlier today that said "Bailey doesn't like the snowman across the street - she keeps barking at it." The little kids across the street built 2 snowmen (I think 1 already collapsed) but she has been barking at it since Sunday...too funny that she thinks it is a person! Well I am 36 weeks today & have my first "measuring" appointment on Thursday...interested to see if I am dialated at all yet. We hope not so that I won't have any worries about driving to Mobile for the day on Saturday for our niece's 1 year birthday...we just can't miss that milestone!! Her actual birthday is tomorrow...I can't believe Hadley is already 1!! :)


  1. I can't believe you are that far along! Measuring appointment?! Crazy and so exciting! Thanks for the offer to bring any questions to you! If you have any good tips.. please send them my way!

  2. that quilt is so cute!!! I want one for myself i think! haha! What a nicely put together work makes my office showers look pathetic! haha! Good luck with the appointment and can't wait to meet Mr. Carter! :)