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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The closet is complete!

This weekend Justin finally got a chance to finish up the closet system that he built from scratch for Carter's room. I think it turned out really well & I was very proud of him! I know he was pretty pleased with himself too. I noticed after uploading these pics that he does need a little touch-up paint on the bottom of the right isn't as noticeable in person though. Justin also got the jogging stroller put together and his adorable swing that looks so soft & comfy...I wish I could fit in it. :) So now all we need to do is finish putting things on the walls & finding homes for all of his things & he is set! Sara will be bringing the drapes up from Mobile when Carter decides to arrive b/c I didn't want them to get all wrinkled if she shipped them. So I will have to put up finished nursery pics after he gets here. It is the 2 week countdown starting today!! I haven't had any other crazy contractions like that Wed. night, thank goodness! My doctor's appt. also got rescheduled for Friday at 1:30 since Dr. Tamucci is out of town until Th. night...let's hope Carter waits to get here until at least after she is back in town.


  1. Ashley,
    Justin might have outdone himself on this one!! The closet system looks perfect! I know ya'll are so ready for Carter to be here. We are looking forward to meeting him!! I still have your wrapped gifts that have been riding to and from work with us each day...ughh... where is the time going?? I might just stick them in the mail to you, that way you will have them before he arrives. Can't wait to see the 'finished' nursery.

  2. Random post but I go to Dr. Tamucci too!!! Isn't she just the sweetest!

  3. i'm a little dissapointed i didn't find this until now. i tihnk it would have been perfect for bunco last month...