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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Check out this little nut...

...with mommy's shades around his neck!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1 & 1/2 years old already?!?

WOW!! 18 months came much faster than I ever imagined!!! Our little sweet baby boy is a full fledge toddler & he's proud of it! He is on the move & officially running now too! He had his checkup this morning & unfortunately had to get FOUR shots...he actually had the necessary 3 & then we asked about the flu shot & since he won't be back until his 2nd b'day in March we decided we should go ahead & get it now rather than making a trip back just for that. So in came the nurse again & he was not happy about that...I wouldn't have been either! He was a trooper though & really didn't cry much at all...even after they pricked his finger. :( Poor thing. Here are his stats...

Height: 33" (75th percentile) 
Weight: 27 lbs 13 oz (75th percentile) - I really thought he was going to be 30+...he's a chunker! :)
Head Circum: 20.25" (hadn't changed from 15 mos which kind of shocked me but he's still floating way above the highest line on the charts)

- He is talking babbling up a storm these days...I swear he blatantly said "bicycle" the other day in the car...I know that so wasn't it but it sure sounded like it. I can make a lot of the things he says sound like real words. :) The newest thing he says while waving at anything, anywhere is "bye-bye...see you"'s so precious...I hope to get it on video soon. My other favorite is how he says "neigh" for the horse or pony...he says it like "naaaa" almost like in a valley girl voice...another I need to catch on video.
- At school this past month he started putting his toys up when one of us would get there to pick him up. He would see us, grab whatever toy he was playing with & go put it back in its place on the shelf & then come to us. We don't get him to put his toys who knows where that came from. I guess the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree now does it?!
- He can point to basically all his body parts and make most animal noises.
- His new favorite song/hand motion is the Itsy-Bitsy Spider.
- He has 15.5 teeth...his bottom right canine is working on coming all the way in. Supposedly his 2 yr molars won't come in until he is about 2.5 & we won't even know when they do which works for me. :)
- He has become a big "sitter" & loves to sit in your lap to read books. All you hear is "sit...sit" while he walks over & plops himself down.
- I think he could read "Goodnight Moon"or "Brown bear, Brown bear" a million times & not get tired of them.
- Outside is still the greatest place on earth.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Home sweet home

I can't begin to describe how wonderful it felt to finally be home Sunday from a 10-day stint of crazy traveling!! Now don't get me wrong, we had a fabulous time at the beach & so much fun in Auburn for the past 2 w/e's with 2 crazy games that we WON but the 16 hours on the road & the multiple packing/unpacking sessions sure did me in! No wonder I have a terrible head cold that I think is turning into a sinus infection...awesome. Sunday was spent washing loads & loads of laundry & cleaning the filthy part of the house the dogs occupied while we were gone. Thank you to my wonderful brother for taking care of them...I know they can be a handful. Now onto catching up on pics...

ESPN Gameday came to AU last w/e for the Clemson game which meant our usual tailgate spot was relocated just a bit to accommodate all of their equipment. Wish I could have gotten high enough to get a pic of the entire crowd...lots of ppl there.

We lucked out with a good view...

Look how uuuugly their tiger is...those eyes are creepy looking!
It didn't take me long to pick out the other 2 Aubies...they were dressed exactly the same & had a hat on that had the Roman numeral of the year they are Aubie...33 if I remember correctly.
Corso picking us & "rolling" the set...

Our tailgate "The 5th Quarter"...we had the perfect view of who was coming in & out of the bus.
Chris Fowler got in more comfortable clothes pretty quickly...

Erin didn't care to talk to anyone...her head went immediately down as soon as she stepped off the bus.

Our now traditional foursome pic in the stadium...

Ginger, Emily & I
Kelly, G & I

G & I

Jeni & I

Tina, Jeni, me, Amy & her little man Blake
Look how precious little Blake is...those cheeks are to die for!

Someone sent me this article today & I just had to share it...

It just makes my heart smile & is one of the many reasons I absolutely love Auburn...War Eagle!!

Welcome to Auburn.
Seriously. Welcome to Auburn.

Everyone said it - while giving directions, offering food, serving free drinks and speaking to all.

They shook hands. They thanked you for visiting.

And some even apologized just in case someone else was mean to you. It almost felt like there was a planned hospitality committee in this gorgeous, quaint town on the Plains. We all were in awe- the only rude fans we saw were wearing garnet and black.
Jordan-Hare Stadium was an incredible experience due to a raucous crowd, a fantastic gameday environment and a gorgeous eagle that swooped over the stadium and sat on the sideline. The crowd chanted the entire game, but there were no rude catcalls toward USC or untoward motions to the fans, at least from our vantage points.

This small town was the best of the best. Before the game, friends told us all the campus was like Clemson. Not true. This place was pristine with class. It had character. And the people had character. They even recycled.
Contrast that with nine days ago during the USC-Furman game. Our students screamed obscenities at a measly out-of-conference opponent. There were boos when the other team took the field. We were rude to Furman. Yes - Furman.
And that's not even considering Georgia. We all saw horrible exchanges during that game, from our students cursing out older fans to belligerent drunks throwing up in the student section to security guards escorting our students out by the multitudes.
Sure, other schools are rude. LSU and Georgia are among the worst. But as some of us have noticed, we're getting a reputation for being among the worst, too. Do we want that? Football is fierce and intense. But we believe our student body should desire to be above the fray - above the substandard, juvenile conduct of others. What does that say about us? Are we holding to our ideals?

This is not to say we should care less. Let's care more. But let's show some class, some respect and some South Carolina hospitality. Let's not scream obscenities or racial slurs at the other team.
It's sometimes said football is a lot like life. If so, we're leaving a lot to be desired.
Thank you, Auburn. You set the standard for what SEC football should be. If we have to lose, we'll lose there every time. From what we saw, you gave us the best of the South and the best college football has to offer. Let's do the same for Alabama in two weeks.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beach - Take Two

On Monday we had the pleasure of Justin's sister and our 2 nieces drive over from Mobile to visit us while we were down here. We had so much fun playing at the beach & pool with them. I thought it was so fun to watch C & Hadley follow each other around & entertain each other.  Even in the condo it was toys everywhere & kids all over but they loved it & so did we. Audrey tried to keep up with them with her "scooting" around...she's almost a year old & has her very own way of getting around, watch it HERE...hilarious. They also got to spend the night so we all went out to dinner & they all did very well. 3 little ones eating out could have been a disaster but it wasn't! We were so glad they got to come play & wish they could have stayed longer.

Here is my best attempt at getting a pic of these 2 sillies together...

And a family pic.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beach - Take One

Everything has been wonderful since we've been down here!! We had to go to Plan B before we got here though...originally my MIL was going to bring C down on Sat while we went to the AU game but she got sick so my mom took C on Sat & we just went & got him Sun after church & drove down to the beach after that. It was a long day on Sun but once we got here we were already out at the beach & the pool & C was having a blast. He didn't mind the beach/sand as much as I thought he would...the ocean he isn't so excited about but once he gets out past the waves he is good. The sand has been more of an issue over the past few days but he will sit in his little chair or play with his toys on the towel. The pool has been fun but he even doesn't like to be in it that much but would rather sit on the edge & play with toys. Silly boy. He has been a trooper with sleeping and is actually still asleep right now at 10am!! He has even slept thru the alarm system testing they did around 9am this morning...I was not happy about that but it didn't last long & obviously didn't wake up our little cutie. We have had wonderful weather & love our condo right on the bottom floor by the pool...very convenient & we can lay out while C naps. We have mentioned multiple times about moving to the beach...wouldn't that be heaven?!? :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hello Sept. 15

Ahhhh another tax deadline in the books! It's always a happy day around the Flurry household when one of those days come. Now it's packing for Auburn this w/e & the BEACH all next week...woohoo I love vacays!!!! J is headed down to AU tom. to hang with the boys since we have a place to stay anyway & I'll be right behind him on Fri. My MIL is taking C down to Perdido on Sat. am & we'll head down early Sun. morning since it's a night game. I can't wait to spend a week at the beach with not a care in the world...just one big happy family!! This will be C's 2nd trip, his first one was here so it'll be completely different this time as a toddler racing around. I'm interested and a bit nervous to see how he reacts to the sand...if he reacts the same he did to grass, we might be spending a lot of time at the pool. I've bought tons of beach toys, his own chair & umbrella & even a kite so hopefully we can spend some time right by the ocean. We shall see. Until then...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Old country store

On Sunday, C & I went to church by ourselves since Daddy had to work most of the w/e. After church we decided to call Uncle Jason to come eat lunch with us & I was feeling b-fast food & I know how my bro loves some Cracker Barrel so off we went to the old country store. I know that's a place I can take C to eat some good veggies like their yummy corn & baby carrots. He also loves their pinto beans.

Carter has two "mini-me" rocking chairs at the house so of course he loved the ones they had.

Checkers anyone?!?

His poor little cheeks get so pink anytime he is outside...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gone golfing

Last week we went to a little get together with Justin's work friends. Brooke's house is on the Inverness golf course and they have a "practice green" in the backyard literally right when you step out the back door. C thought it was the greatest backyard ever!! Makes me wish we only had 2 stairs out to the backyard instead of a deck. Here is C flirting with Hannah...he really wanted to keep giving her golf balls but then he'd take them right back. Luckily she was very good at sharing. :)

He was all over the place and playing hard so I could never really get a front shot of him...

Typical...once he saw this broom leaning up against the wall, it was all over.

Friday, September 10, 2010

How to "cool" your food

The other night I had made C some chicken nuggets & he wanted them as soon as they were done, so I was trying to cool them by blowing on the pieces I cut up & I guess my child decided he would try to do the same...I couldn't help but laugh at his silly ways! He didn't get the whole idea of actually blowing out of your mouth but he got the noise down pat.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Snoozing on Labor Day

Justin had to work yesterday since he has the usual Sept. 15 & Oct. 15 deadlines...oh the joys of being a CPA. So Carter & I got to spend the day together & since the weather was so nice we ran over to Spain Park to play at the playground & stroll around the lake. The trail isn't paved but has gravel & I guess the constant vibration put him right into dreamland. He looked so precious. He'll fall asleep in the car if we drive anywhere for more than 10 min. a lot of times so this really shouldn't surprise me. I did wake him up in order to play on the fun playground. It has a squishy grass turf ground (you can kind of see it in the pic) that is great for falls & he absolutely loved the swings! We'll def. be back again soon maybe even this w/e when they are having a pet walk/run fundraiser for the humane society.

Monday, September 6, 2010


We had a great time down in AU & the weather could not have been more perfect!!! It really felt like Fall...finally!

Some of the tailgating crew...

We went to see our nieces at their usual tailgate spot...too bad Audrey was snoozing but Hadley was glad to see us!

Scott & Jenn moved their tickets this year so we could all sit together.

Aubie in his pj's...
We ran into Justin's family after the game...we got separated from his uncle but here are his Aunt Kim and cousins Jodee & Hanna.