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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beach - Take Two

On Monday we had the pleasure of Justin's sister and our 2 nieces drive over from Mobile to visit us while we were down here. We had so much fun playing at the beach & pool with them. I thought it was so fun to watch C & Hadley follow each other around & entertain each other.  Even in the condo it was toys everywhere & kids all over but they loved it & so did we. Audrey tried to keep up with them with her "scooting" around...she's almost a year old & has her very own way of getting around, watch it HERE...hilarious. They also got to spend the night so we all went out to dinner & they all did very well. 3 little ones eating out could have been a disaster but it wasn't! We were so glad they got to come play & wish they could have stayed longer.

Here is my best attempt at getting a pic of these 2 sillies together...

And a family pic.

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  1. This should be a Christmas Card picture!!! So cute!