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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The past few nights...

We unfortunately had to go back to work this week...the holidays always go by way too fast! Every night this week we've had something going on, so I'm excited about a free night tom night, being off Friday & catching up on some sleep this w/e. Monday was my SIL Sara's b'day & we all went out with the kiddos to eat Chinese. Here are a few pics of Hadley (since I didn't really get any on Christmas) & Carter man having a gay ole time! They play so well together & were being so sweet.

Last night I helped throw a "sprinkle" for my sweet friend Kerri who is having her 2nd baby girl, Maci, in February. We had a great turnout for a Tues night during the holidays & it was a lot of fun catching up with everyone! Too bad I never pulled the camera out to take any pics...oh well.

Tonight we went to dinner with some friends and to visit with Katie while she is in town from NYC for the holidays. Carter got to hang with Christian & they were so cute at the end of the table. Even though they are about a year apart I think they entertained each other very well.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

But the fire is so delightful,

And since we've no place to go, Let is snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

There wasn't a ton of snow but enough for J to make a miniature snowman! We loved having a white Christmas but too bad it didn't stick until today. C wasn't gung-ho about the snow or maybe the fact that he had to wear all those layers...I just loved looking out the window & seeing it all come down. 

A few decoration pics...these have been up since the end of Nov & you can't see it but my DIY wreath is so dried out now.

We got C his own little real tree for the landing...

I thought my first bow tree topper I've ever made turned out pretty well...

Christmas Eve....

We went to the first service at our church @ 3 which was slammed. Then my Dad & Stepmom (Nana & Papa) came over around 5 to do our Christmas together. Later that night I went to the candlelight service at my old church with my mom, brother & his g-friend Cassie. The music starts at 10pm, the service is at 10:30 & it doesn't end until just before midnight. I absolutely love the music there & the singing of Silent Night by candlelight. We have a tradition to drink eggnog afterwards which we did at our house & opened a few presents too. It was a late night but a wonderful Christmas Eve.

Opening presents with Nana & Papa...

He opened this gift & immediately put the pants around his neck...silly child.

We were pleasantly surprised to see Santa come down our street on the firetruck! We had heard he was coming around this year (first time I think) & thought he was just going down the main Riverchase Parkway & a few other streets. We had planned to go to the end of the road to see him but then we got absorbed in opening presents & spending time with the fam & once we heard him we thought we had missed it...C was in awe...I think we all enjoyed it!

After my Dad left, we hung out for a bit & C kept going to sit inb/w J & Jason...I guess he was trying to be one of the was precious.

Christmas morning...

Santa came to visit & brought a rollercoaster, a police car rocker, a ton of books & other fun things.

This is how he started out, just pushing it, but he got the hang of riding it after a little we can't stop him...he loves it! And we have to be a "brake" in the kitchen so he doesn't fly into the fridge!

Is anyone else's toddler doing this?!? We think he's got to be teething for those 2 yr molars...he chews on everything...his clothes, blankets, etc.

Sweet Audrey

I think they enjoyed opening each other's gifts more than their own.

I wish I had gotten a pic of the 3 cousins together...this is the best one I got...of their backs! :)

I guess Audrey loved the cow rocker we got her...I love her expression!

C got a fancy tricycle from Papaw & Lala!

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas...we sure did!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our party filled w/e!

This past w/e was typical for this time of year with lots of holiday parties & we also had a sweet little boy's first b'day party inb/w! First off was Friday night where we went to our 2nd tacky xmas party of the week. We all wore the same get up from the party on Wed. night...different ppl so no one would know but us right?! :) This was at our friends Emily & Jason's house...C found a nice cozy spot here...

And then I caught him with their remote...he just swiped it off the table next to the chair.

I mean is C a ham for the camera or what?!? He loved sitting with Scott & Jenn.

Me & my buddy

And now for the b'day party on Sat am...

To say my child was obsessed with this battery powered ride-on train is a complete understatement...if he didn't already have a bunch of Santa gifts I might have added this one to the list, but he'll have to wait 'til his b'day in March.
Wyatt, the birthday boy!

The party was held at their neighborhood clubhouse which had a pretty fun playground.

And the final party was held at our house on Sat. night for the "5th Quarter" tailgate crew! We had a blast...literally...someone...I'm not naming names, Jared...brought these fun Auburn confetti shooters...let's just say I'm still finding confetti in all sorts of places. Our incredibly talented friend Tom put together a video of AU highlights from this epic season & also a ton of pics of all of us tailgating, during the games, etc. The video is "to be continued" as the Nat'l Championship game highlights & pics from our escapades in Arizona will have to be added. Then we'll all get a copy to cherish forever. :) Thanks Tom again for all the precious hours you spent on's awesome!! We also played a devilish game of Dirty Santa. I didn't take a ton of pics since I was the hostess with the mostess but here are some good posed pics by the tree.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Zoolight Safari

I have to say our trip tonight was a bit of a bust. I originally thought tonight would be a great night b/c it wasn't supposed to rain & it was still supposed to be warmer...well the cold came thru with the chilly wind which didn't make for a fun trip to the zoo! Now I'm regretting not going last night when they talked about rain that didn't make it until the middle of the night...oh well, you can't really predict the weather. C just wasn't feeling it either which didn't help. We did get to ride the train & see a bunch of the lights. We hope to go back after Christmas when our nieces are in town & all the cousins can go together.

This is before the train was even moving...

Chick-fil-a even had their own light display...

Too bad this turned out blurry but they had a "real" Santa way out in the woods waving as you rode by on the train.

And our failure at getting a pic in front of the blowup scene.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yummy treats!

Last night was spent baking some goodies for Carters' wonderful teachers at school. I did this last year as well see HERE and changed it up a bit this year with oreo fudge instead of oreo balls & ooey-gooey cake instead of rice krispie treats. The other two are cinnamon bars & this fun stuff called Fool's toffee...I'm happy to share recipes if anyone is interested. I love baking more than cooking so this is a treat for me too!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Christmas card

Well hopefully most everyone has received their card by now...see pic at the top of the blog. I think it turned out pretty well except when I showed it to J & he said it looked like C's head was floating...u can't see his neck so he said it looks like his face was photoshoped in....great. Just what I wanted to hear after I spent all that time & $ on them. All & all I liked it so hopefully you did too! Here are just a few outtakes from the 2nd & final photo shoot...I really wanted an outdoor pic but I guess there's always next year! :) The last one is my fav...that devious face while he is standing, & knows he shouldn't be, in the rocking chair.