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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The past few nights...

We unfortunately had to go back to work this week...the holidays always go by way too fast! Every night this week we've had something going on, so I'm excited about a free night tom night, being off Friday & catching up on some sleep this w/e. Monday was my SIL Sara's b'day & we all went out with the kiddos to eat Chinese. Here are a few pics of Hadley (since I didn't really get any on Christmas) & Carter man having a gay ole time! They play so well together & were being so sweet.

Last night I helped throw a "sprinkle" for my sweet friend Kerri who is having her 2nd baby girl, Maci, in February. We had a great turnout for a Tues night during the holidays & it was a lot of fun catching up with everyone! Too bad I never pulled the camera out to take any pics...oh well.

Tonight we went to dinner with some friends and to visit with Katie while she is in town from NYC for the holidays. Carter got to hang with Christian & they were so cute at the end of the table. Even though they are about a year apart I think they entertained each other very well.

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