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Friday, December 3, 2010

On our way to see the tigers play!

We are on the road headed to ATL for the SEC championship game!!! What a season we've had & we're only 4 quarters away from heading to the BCS national championship game in Glendale!! Let's just hope we can pull it through & beat SC again tom...oh how I love my AU Tigers!!

So a little update on our week...
Carter came down with a cold on Sun...the day I was hoping to get his xmas cards done. Poor thing had a terrible runny nose & watery eyes...we did get out & take some pics but my sweet, smiley C was just not feeling it...that's a whole nother post. Monday he was worse & had a fever so he stayed home with Tues he was back at school & is much better now. He is headed to Shashe's (Justin's mom) house for the w/e for some good fun, spoiled grandmother time...we will miss him so very much though!!

The Christmas decorations are out & in full effect! We've added a few things this year including lights out on the front porch & C's own little real tree up on the to come. Lucky of course had to inspect everything we got out & I found her here...

That's actually one of the bags that the ballpit balls came in...she'll get inside anything she can fit in.
The rest of the week I was busy collecting things for our Angel Tree child, Kamaurie...we had to turn it in yesterday. I should have taken a pic of his loot...oh well. Monday was girls night too & Jenny rode with me & we played a little dirty santa...I ended up with cash which you can't go wrong with. Jenny flew back to LA on Tues :( but she'll be back for xmas...yea! I finally got to go to my bible study on Wed's been awhile b/c of work stuff, our anniversary, etc. Addy was induced today & I am just waiting to hear about little Jake's arrival...I'm actually hoping he is already here & she just hasn't been able to send out anything yet. I can't wait to see his sweet face & hopefully get up to Nashville to meet him soon!
Ok well that just about sums up our week! I hope everyone has a wonderful w/e & to those AU fans out there...WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!

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