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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hammer time

Last night we went to a little get together with some of Justin's work ppl that threw a "tacky Christmas" party. J & I already had sweaters from another party we went to last yr but I had to come up with something for C to wear. Now this was easier than I realized b/c I came across a few things in his closet that...bless her mom gave him to wear (obviously not together). The turtleneck isn't so bad but those hammer pants are hilarious & J about fell out when he first saw them...the thick elastic around the ankle is just screaming 80's. Well at least he got to wear them right?!? :)

He loved chasing the two dogs around...

Their couch was the best jumping/lounging couch EVER according to C.

Sweet Hannah was the only other little person there...she was the one he played golf with awhile back at this same house.
Well I am off work tom. to prepare for a Christmas party we are hosting at our house on Sat. night & to work on some more shopping hopefully. We have another tacky party to go to tom. night, all 3 of us had work/school parties today & we have a b'day party to go to on Sat. am so we are going to be partied out once this w/e is all over!! Happy last w/e before Christmas to everyone!

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