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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Geez I can't win for losing

So I finally got the glass fixed on my car today (new windshield & front passenger door window) & then a guy rear ends me on the way home from work!!!! REALLY, I mean really!! Now it was only just a fender real damage on my bumper except a few scratches but still. That's 2 police reports in my possession within 5 days...of course neither were my fault, but oh what a pain. I'm going to get the estimate on the vandalism damage to the car tom. so hopefully it'll all be over soon. I've got too many other things to focus my efforts on than this junk! We have a really busy rest of the week & w/e...lots of fun posts ahead I'm sure!

In other news...C started opening my mom's presents early (there are way too many to open in one day :))...check out his new "Elton" shades!

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