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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Didn't I just mention...

...about how we CAN'T WAIT until Coco is no longer a puppy so she'll quit chewing up & getting into example. So I guess when I locked her in her crate today I didn't latch both latches very well b/c when J got home at lunch he found this...

...yes that would be Christmas presents shredded to pieces all over the floor & not to mention what he found outside when he first got home. I get a call that goes...

J: "Did you really leave her out?!? " his angry, irritated voice
A: "what?!? What do you I know I locked her up."
J: "Well somehow she got out & there is stuff strewn all over the yard...stuff I've never seen before."
A: As I'm giggling..."She must have gotten into the presents"
J: "I haven't even been inside yet but I don't even want to know what it looks like."

So I have come to the conclusion that she hates when we leave her and she tries to mutilate anything she can find while we're gone, I guess to get back at's great, let me tell you. And don't think that I have been diligent & already bought & wrapped that is my dedicated mother that brought ALL of her Christmas presents over at Thanksgiving wrapped & ready to go under the tree. Sure makes my tree look great but I guess Coco sniffed out her presents & many others & decided to open them early. Her nose is incredible & she had to get through the baby gate to get to the tree which she mastered recently...lifting the handle with her nose...sneaky little dog. Shockingly there is only one present I need to replace...the others were either pet presents, a photo key chain for me that I can't even find, or presents that survived the terror & didn't quite get fully unwrapped. So I'll be double & probably triple checking her latches on her crate EVERY time I lock her up now!

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