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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Doesn't everyone...

...swing with a popper & a comb in their mouth?!?!?

Monday, August 30, 2010


So I think Carter has figured out what that thing is with the big white flash...a camera. He has started posing for pics which totally cracks me up! I was trying to take a shot of him yesterday with one of the kitchen towels around his neck looking like he was headed to the gym or something & I got this...
That silly thing! He loves to put things around his neck like that now...especially mardi gras beads & the cords to any kind of electronics...unplugged of course. Another new favorite is to play with ALL of mommy's cleaning tools...broom, dustpan, mop...he wants me to pull each of them out of their little hiding spot in the corner to play with so they end up all over the floor like this. And that towel should've been spread in front of the dog door to try to alleviate as many wet dog prints from my hardwoods as possible. With a toddler in the house, it always looks like a tornado came through. :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jump Zone

My stepmom's boss invited us to her 4 yr old's birthday party at Jump Zone on Sat. Carter nor either of us had ever been to one of those "jump" places before but I know they're all the rage especially for that age group right now. We Carter had a BLAST...he could've stayed in that place for hours!!! I couldn't believe how much he enjoyed it. Of course we were the ones helping him get up to the slides which was quite a workout (see the last pic) when you're trying to hold a 26+ lb. squirming child & pulling both of you up these tiny inflatable stairs. Justin literally fell down or I should say slid down them with was too funny! Wish I'd gotten that on camera. :) So he started out here...
And he quickly moved onto here...
Already picking up the ladies...
The birthday girl taking a swing...

We got in the moon walk when no one else was in it, but he wasn't too interested in really standing or bouncing....he still thought it was fun though!

This is what he loved the flew down this thing! I tried to get a pic of J & C going down it but they went so fast all you got was slide.

There was one other smaller slide that you had to go through a huge blowup obstacle course to get to it that C went down by himself but I had already put my camera up at that point. He was in love with that place & was very upset when we had to go upstairs for pizza, ice cream & cake...I think he was the last one down there still wanting to play. I can't wait to take him back again sometime!! We all had a great time!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Swim swim

These are soooo old but better late than never!! We bought a blow up pool to use in the backyard this summer...I think we've used it once so far...but it was fun & we really need to get it out again to beat this terrible heat!

Somebody really wanted to get in...
Warming up to it...

Finally realizing how much fun it is...
Check out his combover...I thought it was hilarious!
I couldn't get over how funny it looked!
Somebody else wanted to get in...our pets aren't nosey by any stretch of the imagination. :)
Our backyard isn't completely flat so there was a slight incline which allowed for a fun little slide in the pool b/c he would basically slip on the bottom when he stood up would make him go under & slide down to the end (kind of like a slip 'n slide) & he loved it!
Afterwards we stripped down & ate a snack...on the floor...naked.

Friday, August 20, 2010


So the surgery went really well...quick & easy & I was in & out in 30 min or so. My only complaint right now is the annoying numbness all over my face or really on the left side where I had both a top & bottom one. I have been enjoying a yummy Chick-fil-A milkshake that has managed to dribble down my chin unknowingly to me. Justin has been a wonderful nurse so far & I've just been lounging on the couch. I don't really feel swollen but I am still putting the icepack on my face for now. I look really cute with this white icepack thing wrapped all the way around my face. I was definitely loopy coming off the anesthesia b/c supposedly I asked Justin quite a few times how I got into the recovery room I was in, I kept telling him about the person that was in a room next to me that I could hear squirming & grunting & a nurse ran into my room to grab a few shots to take in there (that def. didn't make me feel any better about my pending surgery). I also supposedly tried to text Shannon back after she text me to check in on me & I wrote "just got rinsed" who knows what that was about. Hopefully I'll be back in the swing of things very soon.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

who's in my bed?!?

These are obviously prior to the old paci getting the boot but pretty cute if I do say so myself. Notice what's in each of his hands...another paci. It's suprising how well he has done with going cold turkey on that thing.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Playa Mujeres, Mexico

We had a blast in Mexico for Carrie's wedding!!

The first night we were there Carrie & Arman had a mixer in their suite so everyone could meet & socialize.
The bride & her bridesmaids...

me, Carrie, Justin & Jeni
Carrie, me, Jenny, Shannon & Jeni - out on their amazing balcony!
Shannon & I
Cameron & Justin at the swim-up bar
Me & my boo :)
About to head out on the dancer cruise for the, Jenny & Jeni
Our resort where the little tiki huts are...
The water was amazing...perfect for us to snorkel. I found my own sunken treasure while we snorkeled....some pesos on a reef. :)
The bride to be
The dock at Isla Mujeres...the island we went to while out on the boat...a suprisingly well developed island. We did some shopping, exploring & actually found an American bar...a guy from Texas owns it.
The "pero" (dog in Spanish) that we spotted hanging out in an abandoned hotel.
Made me think of Carter with the pets...
Carrie doing her money dance...a tradition at an Armenian wedding.
Shannon, Jeni, Jenny & me ready for the big day!
Me & the gorgeous bride (we were trying to show the pretty bouquets too)
Me & Jeni right after the ceremoy at the cocktail hour
The crew except we're missing the groom. The theme of the wedding was Alice in Wonderland & was super cute...too bad I didn't get any pics of the decor. She had "drink me" stirrers, playing cards for the table #'s & seating chart, old tea cups, old antique keys, a black & white checkered dance floor, a funky wedding cake, & other stuff I'm forgetting.  
Jenny & Wes  - FYI all the pics from now on are from right after everyone jumped in the pool...bridesmaid dresses & all! -
me, Justin & Jenny
me & my Jen
Jenny, me & Jeni