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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Playa Mujeres, Mexico

We had a blast in Mexico for Carrie's wedding!!

The first night we were there Carrie & Arman had a mixer in their suite so everyone could meet & socialize.
The bride & her bridesmaids...

me, Carrie, Justin & Jeni
Carrie, me, Jenny, Shannon & Jeni - out on their amazing balcony!
Shannon & I
Cameron & Justin at the swim-up bar
Me & my boo :)
About to head out on the dancer cruise for the, Jenny & Jeni
Our resort where the little tiki huts are...
The water was amazing...perfect for us to snorkel. I found my own sunken treasure while we snorkeled....some pesos on a reef. :)
The bride to be
The dock at Isla Mujeres...the island we went to while out on the boat...a suprisingly well developed island. We did some shopping, exploring & actually found an American bar...a guy from Texas owns it.
The "pero" (dog in Spanish) that we spotted hanging out in an abandoned hotel.
Made me think of Carter with the pets...
Carrie doing her money dance...a tradition at an Armenian wedding.
Shannon, Jeni, Jenny & me ready for the big day!
Me & the gorgeous bride (we were trying to show the pretty bouquets too)
Me & Jeni right after the ceremoy at the cocktail hour
The crew except we're missing the groom. The theme of the wedding was Alice in Wonderland & was super cute...too bad I didn't get any pics of the decor. She had "drink me" stirrers, playing cards for the table #'s & seating chart, old tea cups, old antique keys, a black & white checkered dance floor, a funky wedding cake, & other stuff I'm forgetting.  
Jenny & Wes  - FYI all the pics from now on are from right after everyone jumped in the pool...bridesmaid dresses & all! -
me, Justin & Jenny
me & my Jen
Jenny, me & Jeni 

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