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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

At least I only have 3...

wisdom teeth that is! Yep that's right those bad boys are coming out...Friday am. I literally just scheduled this today at the oral surgeon & I'm kind of freaking out about it. I've never had surgery much less been put to sleep...the only time I've even had an IV is when my precious child came into this world!! I really don't know what to think. The whole reason I went to the oral surgeon today is b/c I've had this crazy jaw issue for about a year now & thinking it was TMJ or something like that I wanted to finally get it checked out. After x-rays the doc knew exactly what was wrong...the disc inb/w the upper & lower jaw has become inflammed & sort of pops in & out which causes me to not be able to open my mouth all the mouth has been only able to open to a certain degree for months...some days are better than others but it's annoying when you can't open your mouth enough to even eat a sandwich. They gave me tongue depressors to stack up & put in my mouth & then add one at a time to try to slowly pry open my mouth...interesting therapy. Plus I'm supposed to be on a sort of soft diet & cut things in pieces to eat rather than try to take big bites. Can't eat or bite anything hard. Hopefully that'll get better soon b/c I am so over this whole painful unable to open my mouth all the way jaw thing. The whole issue with the wisdom teeth is they aren't in but he just recommends getting them out b/c they can cause problems down the road & can even cause decay. I'm missing one on the bottom (thank goodness) but the other bottom one is actually turning in which probably isn't good anyway. Hopefully everything will go smoothly & I won't be in too much pain. Wish me luck!

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