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Sunday, August 15, 2010

364 days left...

...of my twenties so I'm planning on living it up as much as possible this year! I'm def. not one of those that really cares about turning the big's inevitable & part of life...we all grow up, but there is a little part of me that wants to say "ha-ha" to all of my friends that have already or will be turning 30 this year...the one small perk of not being held back. :) Back in the day all I heard from my mom was "no you can't go to such & such, everyone else is a year older than you " personal payback to those moments.

Justin was so sweet & got me flowers & roses for my b'day...if I remember correctly I think I got flowers on Mother's Day twice in a year is pretty good for me. :) No offense to my loving & practical husband who isn't normally one to "waste $" on something that will die in a few weeks or less...I really can't blame him even though I love having fresh flowers in the house. They were a wonderful surprise & I told him today that I wish I could take one with me to work tomorrow so I could enjoy them there. He also got me a new "on the go" camera for my purse that is smaller than my bb & has twice the mega pixels as my old one. The old one was much too bulky & had been dropped quite a few times so I was in need of a lighter much easier to carry one (I can just slip it in my pocket now).

I had a wonderful b'day with visits from many family members, an unsuccessful trip to the zoo (it rained most of the day), dinner at my favorite restaurant J. Alexander's & then out for a few drinks with some friends. Thank you for all of my cards, bbm, text & fb msgs as well as phone phone blowing up all day really made me feel special! :)

Kerri, Jenny, me & Breanne from last night

I know I owe yall pics from Mexico...they're coming...all my ludi friends had to "approve" the ones that could be posted with them in them. Until tomorrrow...

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