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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our Memorial Day w/e will be spent...

in the bathroom...that's right we are potty training this w/e!! I will be so thrilled to be done with diapers or at least take a break until little miss comes along in about 3 mos. We are doing a 3 day crash course/boot camp where you stay at home the whole time, close to the potty & only wear a t-shirt & underwear. It is all about them learning to tell you when they need to go to the potty instead of constantly asking them or just sitting on the potty "trying" all the time. We do have to constantly tell him "Let us know when you need to go" instead of "Do you need to go?". Today is our first day & so far so good. We've had about 9 or 10 accidents so far which is to be expected & is the only way he'll learn. He has already gone "tee-tee" on the potty for the 1st time by 1pm which was sooner than I expected so YEA!! We'll see how the rest of the w/e goes. So proud of my little man & just praying that this lady that we got the 40 pg 3-day program from really knows what she's talking about. :) Happy Memorial Day w/e to everyone!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy/Mother's Day

I know it's been awhile...3 wks or so...we've been out of town a couple of w/e's, super busy & just enjoying some good old family time! I have so many posts to catch up on & I have to start somewhere...I am pretty sure I have made as much space as I can on this blog for more pics & I'm almost to the limit. I've already started a new one but we won't go there until we have to. Onto the updates...Mother's Day w/e we took a long family trip to the beach (Th-Mon). Sunday was Justin's 30th b'day too so we had lots to celebrate. It was so great to get away from everything & spend some quality time just the 3 of us. We rented a condo in Gulf Shores that had a fun zero entry pool which was perfect for C esp. since he loved the pool scene much more than the day he'll love it (I hope) & not want to leave!

The car ride down...C being silly with his blanket on his head.

Sara & our 2 nieces drove over Fri to spend the day with us...Hadley & C hanging out. 
The little rugrats after a day at the beach/pool...gotta love the half dressed "rag-a-muffins". :)
We went to dinner at The Hangout & they had a DJ guy that was entertaining everyone with trivia games & such & he asked for anyone that was having a b'day...Sara & I nominated J not knowing he was going to have to stand on a table in front of everyone & dance to get down...of course that didn't happen but it was fun to watch him be the center of attention.
We tried to get a cousin pic after dinner...this was the best one I got...obviously C was worried about his sandal falling off.
C could have played this game all day...jumping off the stairs to Daddy.
I asked him to smile & got this...silly child.
On Sunday morning, we thought it'd be fun to ride the ferry round trip to Dauphin Island...
C kept himself entertained in the car some of the time...he loved being able to ride & not be in his car seat...he totally knew how to start the car (not actually but he tried).
Then he straddled the gear shifter & acted like he was riding a silly.
What's a birthday w/o strawberry cake from Edgar' was a fun surprise for J!
Our pictures on the beach were a total bust this year...C was not really having it.
Best fam pic we could get...I hate that the condos are in the background...I guess that's what you get for asking a random to take a few pics.
And since a few of you have asked for belly pics this is the best one I had that showed the bulge...
We went to eat at Tacky Jack's which we did last Sept too when we came down...see the comparison from last year below...they grow so fast!!