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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Carter man turns TWO!!

Quick side note: All I have to say is boooo-hissss to the annoying computer we use downstairs to store all our pics in one place where I do my blogging from or really I just upload the pics on that one thru Picasa & then run upstairs & get on my laptop & comfortably do my typing. Well it fouled up on me for sure last night. If any of you got on the blog today you got ugly white boxes with red x's instead of pics...according to that computer they were showing up....ANYWAY blah blah blah! All the more reason I don't blog near as much as I used to...hopefully we can get this resolved soon. J is actually working on a new system for me as we speak I type. Poor thing has worked 35 hours in the past 2 days...only 19 more days 'til tax season is OVER!! :) And I so digress...back to the much more important reason for this post.

Today we woke up & had yummy cinnamon rolls for b-fast...we ate shirtless so we didn't mess up our birthday shirt. Glad we did that...check out that messy face!

Then it was off to the Dr for his 2-yr check-up before heading to school with some cupcakes to celebrate...forgot to post a pic of the final product last night.

I'm happy to say that we had NO shots today...I was fairly certain he was going to have at least one but they said he was up-to-date & all we had to do was a finger prick. His stats were around the 75th percentile for both height (34.5") & weight (30.8 lbs)...I knew he had to be over 30 lbs by now. Everything looked great so we don't have to go back for another well visit 'til his 3! Hopefully we'll get a positive report from the dentist tomorrow am too.

We are having his b'day party on Sat so we just hung out tonight as a fam to celebrate his special day. We loved having Daddy home early too! :) And of course there were leftover cupcakes so we had those for dessert tonight...

Notice the line of cars...see a pattern here?! :)
"I don't care about blowing out that 'fire' just give me a cupcake!"

Happy Birthday to our sweet little buddy!! We love you more than you'll ever know!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's birthday time!

Tomorrow is my little buddy's 2nd birthday...TWO years have come & gone so very quickly!!! Tonight we whipped up some cupcakes for him to take to school tomorrow to celebrate the big day with his friends. This is the first time he has actually "helped" mom bake or do any cooking for that matter & he really wasn't very interested. Well he was at first until I turned the mixer on & then he wanted "no cake! no cake!".
Not real excited here...
He did really like helping me put the baking cups in the muffin pans...notice his cars all lined up perfectly. (I have a post I've been meaning to put up about this obsession.)
We are headed to the Dr in the am before we go to school for his 2 yr check-up...mean mommy is making him get shots on his b'day. :( Wed is the only day the Dr is in the well clinic & he has to have his blue form renewed on time for school. Hopefully he'll be tough as he usually is & only fuss for a sec. He has his first dentist appt on Th morning too...we're getting all these appts knocked out. :)

And so I don't forget b/c I need to start writing down his funny little sayings...this morning while we were getting dressed for school he sat down in my lap as he usually does to get his socks & shoes on & out pops "I see you toes" in the cutest little voice. Oh the silly things that come out of his mouth...I just love them.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Drum roll please...

I'll let the pics speak for themselves...

The grandmothers cutting the cake SIL is on speakerphone waiting to hear the news!

Yep that's right...we will be seeing lots of ruffles, bows, dresses & pigtails come the end of August & we are absolutely ecstatic!!!! Now Va College wasn't 100% sure but they were fairly certain that they couldn't see anything going on down there. :) Every person I've talked to said they were right with what they told them too so I am pretty comfortable with that...we'll know for certain at our regular 20 wk doctor appt on 4/11. I'm def. loving the pink though!! One thing that I know that wasn't right was the urine gender test I took for fun back at 10 wks that def. said is supposedly 80-90% accurate but I know ppl that said it was wrong for them too. I had originally thought girl but then I was completely thrown with that test so I haven't been for sure since then but was still leaning towards girl...I felt girl for sure today going in though. :) I still don't think it has fully sunk in yet that Carter is going to have a little sister & that soon enough there will be dolls, barbies & frilly stuff everywhere at our house. It is going to be a complete change that we are looking so forward to & I am so very thankful to be able to have the best of both worlds!!! How very blessed we are!!!
P.S. The family enjoyed the different sort of reveal with the cake as much as I thought they would. I highly recommend it to anyone...I just thought it'd be more fun than a phone call, plus we were all together except Sara & fam who live in Mobile so everyone found out together. I did bake the cake...first time I've done a layered cake as far as I can remember...I'm usually a cupcake or poundcake type of gal. :) It turned out pretty well except the blue was being real stubborn...didn't need it anyway. :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Voting is almost up!

Tomorrow is THE day...the day we find out what we are having!!!!!  Well hopefully. Unless Va College can't figure it out/see what they need to see then we'll have to wait until 4/11 but let's really hope that isn't the case. Our appt is @ 12:30 & we are doing a special little reveal for the family at our house after work so a post on that will be later tom night as well as a blurb on Facebook of course. :) So don't forget to vote (it's over on the upper right side of the blog) on which one you think we are having...12:30 just can't get here soon enough!!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

what's new?

not much really. It's 10:15pm on Th night...J isn't home yet from work & I'm sitting here procrastinating making a french toast casserole I have to make for a bridal brunch we are having at work tom...well it's only the start of it, the actual cooking part I will do in the am before I head to my dr appt @ 9am. Tonight we (C & I) went to eat dinner with my dad, stepmom, brother & g-friend at the country club. We stayed later than usual & I had to stop by Publix on the way home to grab a few things for the casserole so it's been a long night. Those that know me well know I'm quite the night owl anyway...that'll change once this little one gets here again I'm sure. Speaking of, we have our early 16 wk appt tom...Dr. T is out all next wk for spring break so we didn't want to get a week behind. I did finally get in touch with Va. College this week too about scheduling an appt to hopefully find out what we are having before our actual 20 wk appt. Originally I thought we would go on C's b'day 3/30 b/c they only do appts on Wed & that is when I will be 18 wks which is the earliest they will let you come in. The students are actually off for 2 wks starting that wk so they are letting me come in the Wed before 3/23...I can't wait!!!!! So in less than 2 wks we will hopefully know whether we are expecting another precious boy or a sweet angel girl. The suspense is killing me!!

So today C & I stayed home from work/school...C woke up with a fever & I had a horrible stomachache last night...I almost think I had food poisoning it was so bad. I have felt much better & C never acted like he felt bad but he def. stayed warm all day...I'm thinking he picked up a fever bug at school b/c J said there was a child getting his temp checked on Mon when he was dropping C off. It's been awhile since he's been sick so we've been rather blessed. Hopefully he'll be good to go tom.

I'm sure there's more to update on but that's all that's on my mind right now...guess I need to go whip up this casserole & head to bed. Nighty night!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hadley turns 3!!

Well she technically does tomorrow but we celebrated last night with the fam with dinner & a cake at JNN (Jim 'n Nicks)...ha my old stomping ground! :) Here is my silly man sitting in a booster on the floor...

Check out this adorable little munchkin...Miss Audrey!

The sweet b'day girl & her cake...too bad it looks like she & everything else in this pic is glowing.

Ready to blow out her candles!

In other news...our friends Grant & Meagan welcomed their 2nd baby boy, Levi Kirby Weed, into the world yesterday afternoon! We went to visit them tonight at the hospital & I think he looks just like his big brother Walker. Of course in this pic, I think he looks just like his Daddy. Congrats Weed family...he is precious!!

We've got a busy w/e planned...we really really really wish we could head down south to help celebrate our sweet niece's birthday with her friends at the ice cream shop but with J's busy work load & we have 3 other parties this w/e it just wasn't feasible to drive 4 hrs down & back. We are so very thankful that we got to spend time with everyone last night to celebrate...we love you Miss Hadley!! We are planning a w/e once tax season is OVER to go down & really spend some quality cousin time & I'm looking so forward to that. The other gatherings we have this w/e which we can't make it to all of them is a surprise party Sat night...more details later on that since you never know who is reading this blog & a birthday party & baby shower both at 2 on Sun. I feel like it's just that time of the year for parties and festivities & the weather couldn't be more perfect for all of that. Happy Friday to all!