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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's birthday time!

Tomorrow is my little buddy's 2nd birthday...TWO years have come & gone so very quickly!!! Tonight we whipped up some cupcakes for him to take to school tomorrow to celebrate the big day with his friends. This is the first time he has actually "helped" mom bake or do any cooking for that matter & he really wasn't very interested. Well he was at first until I turned the mixer on & then he wanted "no cake! no cake!".
Not real excited here...
He did really like helping me put the baking cups in the muffin pans...notice his cars all lined up perfectly. (I have a post I've been meaning to put up about this obsession.)
We are headed to the Dr in the am before we go to school for his 2 yr check-up...mean mommy is making him get shots on his b'day. :( Wed is the only day the Dr is in the well clinic & he has to have his blue form renewed on time for school. Hopefully he'll be tough as he usually is & only fuss for a sec. He has his first dentist appt on Th morning too...we're getting all these appts knocked out. :)

And so I don't forget b/c I need to start writing down his funny little sayings...this morning while we were getting dressed for school he sat down in my lap as he usually does to get his socks & shoes on & out pops "I see you toes" in the cutest little voice. Oh the silly things that come out of his mouth...I just love them.

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