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Thursday, March 10, 2011

what's new?

not much really. It's 10:15pm on Th night...J isn't home yet from work & I'm sitting here procrastinating making a french toast casserole I have to make for a bridal brunch we are having at work tom...well it's only the start of it, the actual cooking part I will do in the am before I head to my dr appt @ 9am. Tonight we (C & I) went to eat dinner with my dad, stepmom, brother & g-friend at the country club. We stayed later than usual & I had to stop by Publix on the way home to grab a few things for the casserole so it's been a long night. Those that know me well know I'm quite the night owl anyway...that'll change once this little one gets here again I'm sure. Speaking of, we have our early 16 wk appt tom...Dr. T is out all next wk for spring break so we didn't want to get a week behind. I did finally get in touch with Va. College this week too about scheduling an appt to hopefully find out what we are having before our actual 20 wk appt. Originally I thought we would go on C's b'day 3/30 b/c they only do appts on Wed & that is when I will be 18 wks which is the earliest they will let you come in. The students are actually off for 2 wks starting that wk so they are letting me come in the Wed before 3/23...I can't wait!!!!! So in less than 2 wks we will hopefully know whether we are expecting another precious boy or a sweet angel girl. The suspense is killing me!!

So today C & I stayed home from work/school...C woke up with a fever & I had a horrible stomachache last night...I almost think I had food poisoning it was so bad. I have felt much better & C never acted like he felt bad but he def. stayed warm all day...I'm thinking he picked up a fever bug at school b/c J said there was a child getting his temp checked on Mon when he was dropping C off. It's been awhile since he's been sick so we've been rather blessed. Hopefully he'll be good to go tom.

I'm sure there's more to update on but that's all that's on my mind right now...guess I need to go whip up this casserole & head to bed. Nighty night!!

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