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Friday, March 27, 2009

Carter will be here soon!!

I was 2cm dilated & 80% effaced at our 39 week appt. yesterday morning which was good to hear & I was just glad that I was progressing! That is supposedly Dr. Tamucci's minimum that you need to be in order to be induced, well besides for other medical reasons or whatever. So after a little discussion & her suggestion/persuasion to go ahead & set up an induction for this coming week...we set it up for Monday morning...we have to be there @ 6:30am. Monday nights are the nights that she is on call so if it takes longer than normal office hours she'll be around to for sure deliver him which is of course what we wanted. I was a little hesitant about the induction especially since I hadn't even reached my due date (it's Tues) but she said that I was a "great candidate" for an induction & I trust her & know that she knows what she is doing. We are such planners anyway so it is good to already know pretty much when he'll be here. So if he doesn't come this weekend, Carter's birthday will be March 30th!! We are absolutely thrilled & can't wait to meet him! I just can't wait to see his little face since we never got to see it on a sonogram. I mean I can't believe he'll be here in 3 days or less!! CRAZY! I think Justin may be more excited than I am! He was being so cute this morning talking to our dog Bailey about it...she was up on the bed & he was just scratching her belly (she loves that) & going on & on about Carter being here soon & that he would be pulling on her tail & ears...of course when he is a little older. :) Some of my girlfriends that work with Justin said that he called to tell them all about Carter's pending arrival yesterday after the appt. & that he sounded SO excited! He has been asking me basically everyday for the past 2 weeks when Carter was going to get here...he's going to be such a great Dad & I can't wait!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fortune cookies

We had our 38 week appt. on Friday & things are still the same...about 1.5 cm dilated & 75% effaced. Kind of disappointing since things haven't really changed over the past 2 weeks but I guess Carter will come when he is ready. We did discuss the possibility of inducing & how long she would let me go over before doing that which she said no more than a week or a week & 1/2 at the latest. She said we'll just see how this week goes & if we are any closer at my next appt. on Th. morning. I hope to not have to be induced but at the same time I don't want to go too far over & end up having a huge baby...let's not forget Justin was 10 lbs & I was 8.3. Can't believe it is 9 days & counting!! Now onto the reason I titled this blog "fortune cookies"...

So Justin & I had Stix last night for dinner which is a Chinese/Japanese restaurant that we both really like & it is very convenient to our house. I ended up just having sushi (yes you can eat sushi when you are prego you just have to make sure all of the things you pick have cooked meat in them) and finished my meal before he did. And of course I am always anxious to open my fortune cookie & read my fortune...well here's what mine said "You will enjoy doing something different this coming weekend" which I immediately read out loud & laughed about since what else could that mean but that Carter was coming next weekend. Justin finally finished up his meal & opened his fortune & what do you know....he had the exact same one as me!!! So if the fortune is correct Carter Matthew Flurry will be making his grand appearance this coming weekend & we couldn't be more excited!! :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hadley's 1st birthday!

We went to Mobile a couple of weekends ago to celebrate our niece's 1st birthday. It was a quick trip since I was nearly 37 weeks but we were so glad that we could be there for such an important day. Here is the moonwalk they rented in the back yard...Sara wanted the birthday cake one but it was unfortunately already taken. As tempting as it looked, I didn't climb in and
play as I think that would be asking for trouble. I'm pretty sure that is a big "no-no"when you are prego!
Here's little Miss Hadley opening her birthday presents in her adorable bubble birthday outfit that Sara made...she's so good with that sewing machine!
Checking out her very own 2-tiered cake...she wasn't quite sure what to do with it.

Her cute balloons and mommy & daddy trying to take some family pics...

After a little help she got the hang of it and enjoyed her yummy cake! Here she is squeezing the icing between her fingers...she's just too cute!! Her little cousin should be here soon! :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The closet is complete!

This weekend Justin finally got a chance to finish up the closet system that he built from scratch for Carter's room. I think it turned out really well & I was very proud of him! I know he was pretty pleased with himself too. I noticed after uploading these pics that he does need a little touch-up paint on the bottom of the right isn't as noticeable in person though. Justin also got the jogging stroller put together and his adorable swing that looks so soft & comfy...I wish I could fit in it. :) So now all we need to do is finish putting things on the walls & finding homes for all of his things & he is set! Sara will be bringing the drapes up from Mobile when Carter decides to arrive b/c I didn't want them to get all wrinkled if she shipped them. So I will have to put up finished nursery pics after he gets here. It is the 2 week countdown starting today!! I haven't had any other crazy contractions like that Wed. night, thank goodness! My doctor's appt. also got rescheduled for Friday at 1:30 since Dr. Tamucci is out of town until Th. night...let's hope Carter waits to get here until at least after she is back in town.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A few updates...

Had my 37 week appt. today and things look great and are pretty much still the same. She said I am about 1.5 cm dilated so obviously not much has changed since last week. She still thinks we probably won't be seeing him until the end of the month. That is good for Justin's sake with tax season and all. Next appt. is Thursday.

Another update on little Carter is that we FINALLY picked out his full name....Carter Matthew Flurry!!! We have been thinking Matthew for awhile but were still going back and forth with David, Justin's middle name and a few others. I like Matthew a lot. It's a good, distinguished, biblical name. :) We drove to Mobile on Saturday for a quick 4 hour trip to go to our niece's 1st birthday (pictures to come I swear). We decided on his name on the way home...I was glad to finally have that picked out so people will quit asking. :)

I have Bunco tonight with the girls...yes we are OLD!! It is so fun...if you aren't in a Bunco group you need to be.

There was something else on my mind that I was going to blog about but I can't think of it right now...oh well. I'll think of it later. Off to help set up for Bunco!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bailey's 1st snow!!

I can't believe that one week ago today it looked like this outside & now it is in the 70's...crazy Alabama weather!! Here is Bailey checking out the snow for the first time...

Then she realized how fun it was & started tearing around the porch...
Here she is playing in the monkey grass...

And just a scenery was so beautiful...too bad it melted that afternoon...but it was fun while it lasted!

Friday, March 6, 2009

36 weeks & counting...

We had our 36 week appt. yesterday afternoon & it was the first time for her to check me to see if I was measuring any which I am 1cm dilated & 75% effaced! Go figure after I had these crazy contractions on Wed. night that made me think or worry that I was going into was the first time I had felt any sort of contractions so I had no clue. I was at dinner at Cheesecake Factory with Jenny, Em & Mary Ruth. I had started having some lower pains earlier in the day but it was a crazy afternoon at work so I just assumed my body was tired & letting me know that. Well once we got to dinner they were getting progressively worse & I was doing my best just to sit there & enjoy my time with the girls. I finally got to the point where I couldn't even concentrate on the conversation anymore or even contribute to it so I was like ok girls I think I need to get home. The funny thing was all of a sudden the waitress was boxing up our food, Jenny & MR had their watches out timing my contractions, Em was on the phone with her sister who has had a baby & is prego w/#2 and then the manager comes over & starts joking with us about how there are only a few bad things that can go on in a restaurant & one of them is someone going into labor! It was definitely a drama scene & I'm sure we were highly entertaining to our neighbors trying to enjoy their meals. Once I got home & was standing in my driveway chatting with the girls I was totally was very strange but it def. made me have a quick reality check that Carter could come any day now so in I went to pack my bag!

I sent out a quick email yesterday right after my appt. to give everyone a quick update & I think I freaked some ppl out. I forgot that not everyone knows what the whole "1cm dilated" really means so I had ppl thinking I was having Carter last night...I got responses like "oh my gosh so are you in labor?? or are you having him tonight???" Just to clarify, I could be 1cm or even a few cm dilated for weeks & have nothing happen. My doctor said his head is down there & in position but they give us due dates for a reason (remember mine is 3/31) b/c that is when it is most likely he will come or their best prediction. So we are not thinking he is coming anytime soon but you just never know. My next appt. is next Thursday so we will see if I am dilated anymore at that point. I'm really just happy that I am starting the process & everything is going in the right direction b/c some ppl never even dilate even when they get induced & have to have a c-section. I truly am so blessed to have had such a smooth pregnancy so far & just hope that the good times keep on rolling! :)

Quick update on Justin. He is still pretty sick...he has had headaches, fever, chills, cough and just doesn't feel well. He was so pitiful at the doctor's appt. yesterday...he had his head resting up against the wall in the room while we waited on the doctor to come in. He did go into work this morning so maybe he is finally starting to get over this virus. We'll see.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My work shower...

I thought this invitation was too cute for my work shower that we just had on was our last shower...sad! The head of the marketing dept. at my work came up with the cute theme & designed the invitation along with the adorable poster she made (see pic below) that I am going to frame & put up in Carter's room...she is so creative!! They also had these cute bug catchers for centerpieces on the tables (see pic below). All the girls did an awesome job getting it all set up! It was a great shower & we got a lot of things we needed including a mattress, his bath tub & a bunch of clothes & other necessities. Also Laura made him this awesome quilt...I LOVE IT!! It is too cute & so me!! Thank you Laura for your time & sewing expertise! :)

I know I need to put up the baby shower pics from the other Sunday & I have some fun ones with Bailey & the snow we had on Sunday...hopefully I will get to those tonight! Poor Justin has been sick since Sunday too...boys are so pitiful when they are sick!! He went to the doctor yesterday & he has a flu like virus & is contagious...I was like great, stay away from me!! I had the flu shot but I don't know if it would ward off this virus he has. He has been working from home the past 2 days & I got a funny email from him earlier today that said "Bailey doesn't like the snowman across the street - she keeps barking at it." The little kids across the street built 2 snowmen (I think 1 already collapsed) but she has been barking at it since Sunday...too funny that she thinks it is a person! Well I am 36 weeks today & have my first "measuring" appointment on Thursday...interested to see if I am dialated at all yet. We hope not so that I won't have any worries about driving to Mobile for the day on Saturday for our niece's 1 year birthday...we just can't miss that milestone!! Her actual birthday is tomorrow...I can't believe Hadley is already 1!! :)