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Thursday, March 12, 2009

A few updates...

Had my 37 week appt. today and things look great and are pretty much still the same. She said I am about 1.5 cm dilated so obviously not much has changed since last week. She still thinks we probably won't be seeing him until the end of the month. That is good for Justin's sake with tax season and all. Next appt. is Thursday.

Another update on little Carter is that we FINALLY picked out his full name....Carter Matthew Flurry!!! We have been thinking Matthew for awhile but were still going back and forth with David, Justin's middle name and a few others. I like Matthew a lot. It's a good, distinguished, biblical name. :) We drove to Mobile on Saturday for a quick 4 hour trip to go to our niece's 1st birthday (pictures to come I swear). We decided on his name on the way home...I was glad to finally have that picked out so people will quit asking. :)

I have Bunco tonight with the girls...yes we are OLD!! It is so fun...if you aren't in a Bunco group you need to be.

There was something else on my mind that I was going to blog about but I can't think of it right now...oh well. I'll think of it later. Off to help set up for Bunco!

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  1. Yeah for Bunco! If people only knew what REALLY goes on at Bunco!!