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Friday, March 20, 2009

Hadley's 1st birthday!

We went to Mobile a couple of weekends ago to celebrate our niece's 1st birthday. It was a quick trip since I was nearly 37 weeks but we were so glad that we could be there for such an important day. Here is the moonwalk they rented in the back yard...Sara wanted the birthday cake one but it was unfortunately already taken. As tempting as it looked, I didn't climb in and
play as I think that would be asking for trouble. I'm pretty sure that is a big "no-no"when you are prego!
Here's little Miss Hadley opening her birthday presents in her adorable bubble birthday outfit that Sara made...she's so good with that sewing machine!
Checking out her very own 2-tiered cake...she wasn't quite sure what to do with it.

Her cute balloons and mommy & daddy trying to take some family pics...

After a little help she got the hang of it and enjoyed her yummy cake! Here she is squeezing the icing between her fingers...she's just too cute!! Her little cousin should be here soon! :)

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