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Friday, April 29, 2011

Tornado Disaster

I'm sure everyone is well aware of the devastating tornadoes/storms that came through our area as well as all over the southeast on Wed. The President is in Tuscaloosa this morning to assess the damage which is just unbelievable. My brother is a pilot & volunteers for the CAP (Civil Air Patrol) which was called on yesterday to go take aerials of the damage in order to make a grid or one huge picture of the destruction. He said Pleasant Grove which is just north of B'ham was just completely destroyed/flattened & that you couldn't even see where the damage ended which says a lot when you're up in a plane & can see for miles & miles. We were so very thankful that the storms just dodged our house & we didn't have any damage...we were lucky to not even lose our power. Justin, Carter & I did our part last night to help by bagging up all the toiletries I have collected while out of town for work when I stay at hotels & any trips we go on. Our church always has a monthly collection for certain things to donate to the needy so I usually keep quite a stash of these under my sink for when they need it. Carter will probably be a little saddened that these are gone since he loves to pull them out & line them up on the counter like he does his cars. We also had tons of other stuff like toothbrushes/floss from all of our dentist appts, free samples of things that come in the mail, make-up that I haven't used from the gift bags Clinique gives out when you buy a certain amount of their products, etc. It was so humbling & rewarding to know that we are helping out so many others who have lost absolutely everything through these devastating storms. I just can't imagine what they are going through. I hope if you live in the area & are able to help that you will or you already have.

And just a side note, Casey (I know you read the blogs sometimes) my heart goes out to your SIL as well as her roommates family and friends. What a tragic loss that was & they are in my prayers. This is just a reminder about how precious life really is & how quickly in can be taken away. God has a plan though & we may not understand His reasons but it is not our duty to question or judge Him. We must use our faith to know He is in control and everything happens for a reason.

On a much happier note...we are headed to Mobile this afternoon to visit the fam & we are sooo excited!!! I have Easter pics to catch up on too...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter egg hunting @ the McBrayers

This past Sunday afternoon we headed over to our friends David & Catharine's house to have a little get together with the kiddos & hunt for some Easter eggs. I'm pretty sure this was Carter's first time to hunt eggs since Easter was early last year & he wasn't even 1 yet. He quickly got the hang of it & had a great time! I think the parents enjoyed it as much as the kids...they were so cute!

Christian showing off his little belly...too funny!

This is how C's egg hunting started out...he couldn't decide b/w the mower or the basket...why not both?!?
I love little David's expression...

Wyatt & his precious powty face...
"Check out all my eggs!"
Of course the toys are always more fun!

I can't wait for Sunday so we can do even more Easter egg hunting. C's class is having a party tom. too where they will be hunting eggs as well. And Sat. I plan to let C die some eggs too...eggs, eggs, everywhere!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

We survived yet another...

TAX SEASON!! Woohoo I love April 15th (Apr. 18th this yr) about as much as I love Christmas & birthdays. Justin was pretty much done on Friday so we had a great w/e relaxing & just being a family again. Here are a few pics I took a couple months ago of Carter trying to be like Daddy. I thought it was so cute anytime I "caught" him in Daddy's chair playing...this was the make-do office J set up in the living room so that he could work at home & still spend time with us until work started getting crazy busy.
I love this looks like he is looking at one of the screens & holding the mouse but it's really just one of his cars.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Carter's 2nd Birthday Party!!

Look what I got to work tonight...PICTURES!!! I was in the progress of setting up a new blog & decided to try to upload some pics again just to be sure & voila, it worked! So for now we are good! YEA!!!

My work mom, Ann & I

Little David & his sweet mama Catharine

Callie, Walker, Carter & miss Olivia on the slide...
Hadley & Callie
I love this pic...check out Olivia with her shades on getting some air!

Who needs a bouncy house when you have a brand new "tire" truck?!?

Can we say finger in a socket?! :)

His b'day theme was Noah's ark...the animals came 2x2 & Carter was turning 2!! Mmmm Edgar's cake!
Opening presents at the house with the fam...
Hadley "talking" on the old school flip phone...
Again...silly girl.
Sweet Audrey
I think the only kiddos we missed getting pics of were Wyatt & Reagan...I guess that's what happens when I'm not in charge of the camera. Thank you to everyone who came & made it so very special for all of us. C had a blast & is really enjoying all his new toys! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

It is confirmed...

We are having a baby GIRL!!!!!! So good to finally know for sure so I can get to nursery planning, shopping, name choosing, etc. I actually already started splurging tonight when I ran over to the Kidz Klozet new clothing sale that is going on today & tom here in B'ham. This is the last year they are going to travel to do shows so I will have to head to Mobile to visit my SIL & fam in the future to get some good deals. I can't go tom since I'm actually flying to Detroit @ 6am (yes I should already be asleep) for work & won't be back til C's bed time tom night.

A quick update on us...J has been BUSY BUSY BUSY with work...7 days & counting. He did get to get away & compete in the Diamond Dash with me on Sat. We didn't win but we came in about the same place we did last 10 or so which isn't so bad out of 350 couples. Supposedly 1700 ppl applied this year & only 700 were accepted. The winner had a score of 95, 2nd place 93 & 3rd place was 90...our score was 85...always so close, we're going to win one year! I highly recommend it to anyone whether you are already married or not. It is def. not all couples, there is a good mix of older married couples, all girl & all boy teams, etc. You can even do it when you're 20 wks prego like me! :)

Sun. C & I went to the zoo to waste away the day while J worked...I have a couple pics but I'll have to post them after I decide what I'm going to do about the blog now that it is picture full. Where does the time go?!?

Monday, April 4, 2011

I knew this day would come...

when I have maxed out the blog...BOOOOOOOO!!! I was uploading C's b'day party pics & all of sudden a box pops up with "whoops! you've reached your max 1 GB photo upload...blah, blah, blah". So now I have to decide if I want to start a whole new blog or pay to increase the storage space which doesn't look expensive so I just might do that to save the trouble. Of course I've been a bit annoyed with the blog recently may have noticed the fun font gone from my post titles (I can't seem to make it work again) & the whole thing has just been acting up, pics not posting right, etc. so it may be good to start on a clean slate. That will have to be decided another day. I am off to bed since I've got a full day of DC tomorrow. It was a beautiful site driving in from Baltimore tonight & seeing the Washington, Lincoln & Jefferson monuments/memorials all lit up. I hope to check out some sites tom before I head back home if I have time. I don't think I've been back here since I was 12, so I think I can appreciate it a little more now. Til then...

Sitting at the airport...

waiting to fly to DC for work. Looks like we are going to beat the nasty weather out of Bham which is great but then again I'm flying SW so we may get a hole in our plane on the way over...awesome. I'm sure y'all have heard the news over the w/e about the cancelled flights due to a hole being ripped out of the roof of a plane which of course forced an emergency landing, if not go HERE. Let's keep our fingers crossed & say some prayers that I make it safely. I won't be flying back in until 9:30 tom night so I'm going to really miss seeing my little man for 2 whole days since he'll be snoozing by the time I get back...& the hubs too of course but I don't see much of him right now anyway. Only 14 days left of tax season, 7 days til we find out if what's growing in my belly is for sure a little miss & only 5 days til J & I compete in our 2nd annual Diamond Dash & I just can't wait for all of these things to happen!! :)

Check back later tonight for pics from Carter man's b'day party this w/e...the one good thing about being out of town for work is there is nothing else to do but blog. :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Foil's Day!

Hopefully this will post correctly on the blog...first time for me to use
this option to post by sending it to a certain email address. I just had
to share this...

This is what J found when he got to the office this am...pretty
clever...way to go WAKM folks!!!