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Monday, April 4, 2011

Sitting at the airport...

waiting to fly to DC for work. Looks like we are going to beat the nasty weather out of Bham which is great but then again I'm flying SW so we may get a hole in our plane on the way over...awesome. I'm sure y'all have heard the news over the w/e about the cancelled flights due to a hole being ripped out of the roof of a plane which of course forced an emergency landing, if not go HERE. Let's keep our fingers crossed & say some prayers that I make it safely. I won't be flying back in until 9:30 tom night so I'm going to really miss seeing my little man for 2 whole days since he'll be snoozing by the time I get back...& the hubs too of course but I don't see much of him right now anyway. Only 14 days left of tax season, 7 days til we find out if what's growing in my belly is for sure a little miss & only 5 days til J & I compete in our 2nd annual Diamond Dash & I just can't wait for all of these things to happen!! :)

Check back later tonight for pics from Carter man's b'day party this w/e...the one good thing about being out of town for work is there is nothing else to do but blog. :)

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