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Friday, April 15, 2011

Carter's 2nd Birthday Party!!

Look what I got to work tonight...PICTURES!!! I was in the progress of setting up a new blog & decided to try to upload some pics again just to be sure & voila, it worked! So for now we are good! YEA!!!

My work mom, Ann & I

Little David & his sweet mama Catharine

Callie, Walker, Carter & miss Olivia on the slide...
Hadley & Callie
I love this pic...check out Olivia with her shades on getting some air!

Who needs a bouncy house when you have a brand new "tire" truck?!?

Can we say finger in a socket?! :)

His b'day theme was Noah's ark...the animals came 2x2 & Carter was turning 2!! Mmmm Edgar's cake!
Opening presents at the house with the fam...
Hadley "talking" on the old school flip phone...
Again...silly girl.
Sweet Audrey
I think the only kiddos we missed getting pics of were Wyatt & Reagan...I guess that's what happens when I'm not in charge of the camera. Thank you to everyone who came & made it so very special for all of us. C had a blast & is really enjoying all his new toys! :)

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