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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter egg hunting @ the McBrayers

This past Sunday afternoon we headed over to our friends David & Catharine's house to have a little get together with the kiddos & hunt for some Easter eggs. I'm pretty sure this was Carter's first time to hunt eggs since Easter was early last year & he wasn't even 1 yet. He quickly got the hang of it & had a great time! I think the parents enjoyed it as much as the kids...they were so cute!

Christian showing off his little belly...too funny!

This is how C's egg hunting started out...he couldn't decide b/w the mower or the basket...why not both?!?
I love little David's expression...

Wyatt & his precious powty face...
"Check out all my eggs!"
Of course the toys are always more fun!

I can't wait for Sunday so we can do even more Easter egg hunting. C's class is having a party tom. too where they will be hunting eggs as well. And Sat. I plan to let C die some eggs too...eggs, eggs, everywhere!!

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