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Monday, April 18, 2011

We survived yet another...

TAX SEASON!! Woohoo I love April 15th (Apr. 18th this yr) about as much as I love Christmas & birthdays. Justin was pretty much done on Friday so we had a great w/e relaxing & just being a family again. Here are a few pics I took a couple months ago of Carter trying to be like Daddy. I thought it was so cute anytime I "caught" him in Daddy's chair playing...this was the make-do office J set up in the living room so that he could work at home & still spend time with us until work started getting crazy busy.
I love this looks like he is looking at one of the screens & holding the mouse but it's really just one of his cars.


  1. Oh how i miss him (and you and i suppose justin too) and can not wait to see all of you next weekend!!!

  2. yeah -- another tax season is o.v.e.r.!!! c looks adorable as always :) I think it's time for a picture of that bump little missy!!