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Monday, April 11, 2011

It is confirmed...

We are having a baby GIRL!!!!!! So good to finally know for sure so I can get to nursery planning, shopping, name choosing, etc. I actually already started splurging tonight when I ran over to the Kidz Klozet new clothing sale that is going on today & tom here in B'ham. This is the last year they are going to travel to do shows so I will have to head to Mobile to visit my SIL & fam in the future to get some good deals. I can't go tom since I'm actually flying to Detroit @ 6am (yes I should already be asleep) for work & won't be back til C's bed time tom night.

A quick update on us...J has been BUSY BUSY BUSY with work...7 days & counting. He did get to get away & compete in the Diamond Dash with me on Sat. We didn't win but we came in about the same place we did last 10 or so which isn't so bad out of 350 couples. Supposedly 1700 ppl applied this year & only 700 were accepted. The winner had a score of 95, 2nd place 93 & 3rd place was 90...our score was 85...always so close, we're going to win one year! I highly recommend it to anyone whether you are already married or not. It is def. not all couples, there is a good mix of older married couples, all girl & all boy teams, etc. You can even do it when you're 20 wks prego like me! :)

Sun. C & I went to the zoo to waste away the day while J worked...I have a couple pics but I'll have to post them after I decide what I'm going to do about the blog now that it is picture full. Where does the time go?!?


  1. yeah!! glad it was confirmed, i know she will be wrapped around J's finger in no time!! she needs her auburn cheerleading uniform now!!

  2. Awww I'm so happy for ya'll! One of each will be great! Now you can go really splurge on PINK stuff!