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Monday, February 28, 2011

Some reading, a haircut & a fun cookout

We had a fabulous w/e with the gorgeous weather & some fun festivities! Sat. my mom came over to go with C & me to Target to do a little shopping & they had Dr. Seuss reading from 9-11am to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday. I wasn't sure how much C would enjoy this or really care since he doesn't like to read the Dr. Seuss books we have at home but he had a great time. They gave out little goody bags with treats so of course he was happy. :) He got involved when they asked if someone wanted to pick out the next book to read & even grabbed one to read himself.

He thought it was fun to sit next to the people that were reading out loud in the other bean bag chair...I'm thinking we may need to invest in one of those.

This little girl LOVED Carter...she wouldn't let him out of her sight!

J & C had haircut appts at noon. I didn't take any pics but I told Jaime to cut it pretty short since his hair has been growing so looks much better! Sun. C & I went to church by ourselves...J was working & then I had a baby shower to go to & then we went to our friends Kerri & Daniel's house to have a little cookout & see Miss Maci again who was born on V-day. Of course she slept most of the time & is such a little doll! They recently bought a big blow-up jumpy thing with a slide & ball pit & the kids loved it of course. C was in the ball pit majority of the time...

C & Callie (Maci's big sis)

C, Walker & Christian

He had a blast being pushed around in this car & of course playing with the trains that rode with him in the car.

Quick update on us...J has been busy with work but been able to work from home at night & on the w/e so he can still hang with us which we love. I've been feeling almost back to normal but had some pretty wicked headaches last week. I'm 14 wks & on the verge of having to get back into my maternity's amazing how you start showing so much faster the 2nd time around. Hope everyone is having a great start to the week!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The real reason I've been slacking...

Yep that's right we are PREGNANT!!! :) Oh it is so nice to finally let the cat out of the bag!! I'm sure some of you either knew or figured it out by now. I've been waiting for this day for weeks. We are over the moon thrilled & can't wait to meet this little blessing!! I am due 8/29 which means it'll be a hot summer but well worth it! :) I was 12 weeks on Mon but couldn't see the doc until today. Everything looked perfect at the appt. Heart rate was was 178 at the 8 wk appt. I go back in 4 wks for my 16 wk appt & then in early April we find out what we are having! :)

Sonogram pics from today...

Look at that sweet hand coming up to the face...

We made the big announcement to the family on Christmas...we found out 2 days before so I didn't have a lot of time to plan anything. I did find this ornament on Christmas Eve which was the last one (the display actually).

I already had a T-shirt (don't have a pic & I'm not sneaking into C's room tonight to get it :)) but it has a dog on the front & it reads "I have a secret..." & on the back it says "I'm going to be a big brother." Nothing fancy but I actually bought it when we were originally prego back at the end of the summer (July-Sept). Yep that's right, I had a miscarriage. Now I know some ppl would never speak of this especially if it has happened to them. I am one of those ppl though that believes things happen for a reason & it just wasn't meant to be & I'm completely ok with that. Sure it was devastating at first but I try to be as positive as possible & know that it is in God's hands & He has a plan, not me, as much as I want to try to control my life or do things the way I want. I never wrote on here about this even though I wanted to b/c I think it is only fair to show the good & the isn't perfect, no one's is. But I didn't want ppl to feel sorry for me or look at me differently/feel awkward around me so I didn't. Anyway, it's all over now & we are happy as can be! And the original reason I was telling you about the shirt is b/c on Christmas day after we ate & were going to open presents, I went & changed C into the shirt & waited to see how long it took for ppl to notice. That part was quite entertaining!

Oh & one more thing about the previous pregnancy...we came up with a fun way to tell the family...we sent them all a little package in the mail & when they opened it up they found 1 newborn diaper & a piece of paper that read....

"You May Be Experiencing Déjà vu
But Really, You Should Be Excited About Baby Flurry #2."

And it had this pic at the bottom.

Oh well, it was a fun idea. :) So that's that!! I'll be sure & keep you abreast to the updates, changes & any news of Baby Flurry #2!! :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some of the sweetest things...

come from innocent & precious children. This w/e I was bathing C & got a little tickle in my nose & sneezed (seems like I've been sneezing a lot these days) & out of his mouth pops "bless you mama" heart literally melted!!!!!!!! It was the sweetest thing I have ever heard & I will never forget that moment. Now C isn't really saying sentences these days...he says LOTS of words, loves to talk & tell you what everything is but 3 words all together is not very common. I guess I made such a deal about it (J was actually standing right there when it first happened) that last night he did it again after I sneezed & then kept saying it over & over...I so should have videoed it.

The rest of our w/e was pretty low-key. We had a last minute invite on Fri night to go eat @ the Tavern with Scott & Jenn. My bro wanted to take C to dinner with him & Cassie & a group of his friends that have a son that is close in age to C...C hadn't seen Simon in awhile & they had a great time. Justin's mom took C to see his great-grandmother on Sat afternoon which allowed me time to finally tackle my sewing machine & work on one of many projects I have on my list. So this is literally the first time for me to use my machine all by myself...or any sewing machine for that matter...I was just so proud I could get that darn bobbin thing to work! I know I still have so much more to learn about it, I mean all I did was a straight stitch on these burpcloths but it was still a great learning experience & hopefully I will continue to improve & not have to keep watching You Tube videos to figure out what I'm doing. :) So here are my masterpieces...def. not perfect but I think they turned out pretty well. Those darn burpcloths aren't made perfectly anyway. :)

Miss Maci Elizabeth Davis made her debut into the world yesterday on Valentine's Day! We went by the hospital today at lunch to see them. She is absolutely precious & looks just like her big sis! Congrats to Kerri & Daniel on another beautiful daughter!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nothing exciting here

except the white stuff falling outside right now!! I could watch it fall for hours. Not sure if it will actually cause delays for tom but it sure would be nice so we could maybe play in it for a bit before it melts.

C had his 3rd haircut...2nd for me to see since I was out of town for the last of course I had to get pics. This was like 3 wks ago & it already looks like he needs another one...I guess his hair is starting to grow faster now. Before...


Monday, February 7, 2011

Here I come

After 2 reschedules last week I am finally headed to Indiana this morning. Hopefully everything will go smoothly & I should be home tomorrow before 5. We had an eventful w/e with little ones birthday parties so lots to update on but that won't be til I get back. I hope everyone has a great start to the week!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

So much for...

flying to Indiana today! Due to the weather here (tiny bit of snow, sleet, ice and rain) & INSANE amount of traffic everywhere I could not catch my flight in time...I seriously think B'ham turned into NYC today. If you were out & about around 2-3ish you know what I am talking stopped & not moving...that was the theme for the day. It usually takes me 20 min to get to the airport but this time it took me an hour & 1/2 & since I didn't get to leave work right when I wanted to I got to the airport right when my plane was probably lifting its wheels off the runway. I have to admit that I have lived in this city pretty much my whole life & know a lot of back roads but the weather had me beat today. Every road that I tried to take that wasn't an interstate/hwy was closed. It was miserable. Oh well, I wasn't meant to go today. I switched my flight to Sun night & doing my inspection on Mon. Of course, a guy that I work with that wants to go with me now wants to go Mon & come back Tues b/c of the Super Bowl....really!! Do you think I care about the Super Bowl?!!? Sorry but I'm not much for the NFL...just seems so generic. College football is much more my style. :) Anyway, I guess I'm just annoyed for the fact that I have already rebooked this trip twice & don't want to deal with it anymore. Ready to get up there & be done with it! I guess I'll figure that all out tomorrow. We have a busy w/e with 2 b'day parties & a baby shower which the b'day party on Sun I'll have to miss if I do go Sun. Decisions, least tomorrow is Friday!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

McWane Your Brain

Do y'all remember that commercial or ad they had going?! That seems so long along & makes me wonder just how long this place has been open...probably much longer than I realize. Aaaanyway, we are thoroughly enjoying our family membership there & took C the other w/e since it's been cold (except last w/e) & we can't play outside. C LOVES it there & they have so much to offer for him to do.

Probably the reason the poor monkey on the front of his outfit lost his little plastic eyes...

I somehow got him to wear the apron this time in the water area...thank goodness or he would've been soaked!

He loves the water & especially the part where the blocks float down & fall off a mini waterfall...his face just lights up & is so sweet!

So we were playing with the little impression things you know putting our hands through it whatever & J goes "put his face in it". At first I thought he would freak out & wonder what on earth I was doing but boy was I wrong...he LOVED it! You can tell he is laughing & I mean cackling while I'm doing it with his mouth open. I wish I could have had it on tape...must remember to bring the video camera next time.

This was my fav...if I could mold this & keep it forever I would!!

I think a shopping cart & train set might be in our future.
We'll be back again soon I'm sure!