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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some of the sweetest things...

come from innocent & precious children. This w/e I was bathing C & got a little tickle in my nose & sneezed (seems like I've been sneezing a lot these days) & out of his mouth pops "bless you mama" heart literally melted!!!!!!!! It was the sweetest thing I have ever heard & I will never forget that moment. Now C isn't really saying sentences these days...he says LOTS of words, loves to talk & tell you what everything is but 3 words all together is not very common. I guess I made such a deal about it (J was actually standing right there when it first happened) that last night he did it again after I sneezed & then kept saying it over & over...I so should have videoed it.

The rest of our w/e was pretty low-key. We had a last minute invite on Fri night to go eat @ the Tavern with Scott & Jenn. My bro wanted to take C to dinner with him & Cassie & a group of his friends that have a son that is close in age to C...C hadn't seen Simon in awhile & they had a great time. Justin's mom took C to see his great-grandmother on Sat afternoon which allowed me time to finally tackle my sewing machine & work on one of many projects I have on my list. So this is literally the first time for me to use my machine all by myself...or any sewing machine for that matter...I was just so proud I could get that darn bobbin thing to work! I know I still have so much more to learn about it, I mean all I did was a straight stitch on these burpcloths but it was still a great learning experience & hopefully I will continue to improve & not have to keep watching You Tube videos to figure out what I'm doing. :) So here are my masterpieces...def. not perfect but I think they turned out pretty well. Those darn burpcloths aren't made perfectly anyway. :)

Miss Maci Elizabeth Davis made her debut into the world yesterday on Valentine's Day! We went by the hospital today at lunch to see them. She is absolutely precious & looks just like her big sis! Congrats to Kerri & Daniel on another beautiful daughter!

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