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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

McWane Your Brain

Do y'all remember that commercial or ad they had going?! That seems so long along & makes me wonder just how long this place has been open...probably much longer than I realize. Aaaanyway, we are thoroughly enjoying our family membership there & took C the other w/e since it's been cold (except last w/e) & we can't play outside. C LOVES it there & they have so much to offer for him to do.

Probably the reason the poor monkey on the front of his outfit lost his little plastic eyes...

I somehow got him to wear the apron this time in the water area...thank goodness or he would've been soaked!

He loves the water & especially the part where the blocks float down & fall off a mini waterfall...his face just lights up & is so sweet!

So we were playing with the little impression things you know putting our hands through it whatever & J goes "put his face in it". At first I thought he would freak out & wonder what on earth I was doing but boy was I wrong...he LOVED it! You can tell he is laughing & I mean cackling while I'm doing it with his mouth open. I wish I could have had it on tape...must remember to bring the video camera next time.

This was my fav...if I could mold this & keep it forever I would!!

I think a shopping cart & train set might be in our future.
We'll be back again soon I'm sure!

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