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Thursday, February 3, 2011

So much for...

flying to Indiana today! Due to the weather here (tiny bit of snow, sleet, ice and rain) & INSANE amount of traffic everywhere I could not catch my flight in time...I seriously think B'ham turned into NYC today. If you were out & about around 2-3ish you know what I am talking stopped & not moving...that was the theme for the day. It usually takes me 20 min to get to the airport but this time it took me an hour & 1/2 & since I didn't get to leave work right when I wanted to I got to the airport right when my plane was probably lifting its wheels off the runway. I have to admit that I have lived in this city pretty much my whole life & know a lot of back roads but the weather had me beat today. Every road that I tried to take that wasn't an interstate/hwy was closed. It was miserable. Oh well, I wasn't meant to go today. I switched my flight to Sun night & doing my inspection on Mon. Of course, a guy that I work with that wants to go with me now wants to go Mon & come back Tues b/c of the Super Bowl....really!! Do you think I care about the Super Bowl?!!? Sorry but I'm not much for the NFL...just seems so generic. College football is much more my style. :) Anyway, I guess I'm just annoyed for the fact that I have already rebooked this trip twice & don't want to deal with it anymore. Ready to get up there & be done with it! I guess I'll figure that all out tomorrow. We have a busy w/e with 2 b'day parties & a baby shower which the b'day party on Sun I'll have to miss if I do go Sun. Decisions, least tomorrow is Friday!!

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