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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Carter's latest trick

Well he's been doing this for weeks but I keep forgetting to take the video camera with me when we head to the park...I remembered Th night though. Anytime any "big" kids are at the park C loves to watch them & try to mimic whatever they do...I think that's where he learned to do this...

Sorry it's getting dark...he's about to fly off it now...getting so big.

I love what he says going up the sweet! Then you get to hear his frustration once he gets to the top & has trouble with his feet. :)

Yesterday we were supposed to head to Mobile for our niece Audrey's 1st b'day party but unfortunately we didn't get to go b/c C caught some sort of stomach bug. We tried to get out of town twice but after throwing up in the car both times, going through two carseats & multiple clothes changes we decided it wasn't the best idea to try to drive 4 hours just for the day. We really hated to miss the party & are SO sad we couldn't make it!!!! You only turn 1 once but oh well what could we do. Thank goodness we didn't try to go b/c I can't tell you how many loads of laundry I did...I couldn't keep up with how fast he was going through things. Not to mention he started getting sick the other way & that was a whole nother ball game. Today we are better but we skipped church so not to get any other little ones sick & we are hopefully headed to the pumpkin patch this afternoon & of course trick-or-treating later. More fun halloween pics to come!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Boo at the Zoo

Let me preface this post by saying that I took way too many pics tonight...over 100 actually so lots to document here.

So here is the beloved costume...a clown...a whimsical/mad hatterish kind of clown or at least it is to me. All & all he likes it except the hat which doesn't fit anyway...shocker even if it is a 3/4T size costume. The only thing that's missing are some big red dots on his cheeks...we'll save that for trick-or-treating.

Waiting on the train...
Not so sure about this train thing...
"Don't make me stand on this thing by myself"

On the hayride...
Being silly on the hayride...
And we lost our shoe...Daddy went back & got it though.
Waiting in line for the carousel...
He was extra silly in this line...
You wouldn't be able to tell but he LOVED it...he kept going "wee, wee"!
What he was originally supposed to dress up as...a lion.
We all had so much fun & can't wait for next year!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tonight at Publix

I don't think I've put a pic up here of C in the racecar buggy at Publix yet...I know I've got a few on my phone. Tonight we went in after the park to grab a few things & some candy for school tomorrow b/c they are having a pizza party & trick-or-treating room to room. They get to wear their costumes too which should be fun. We have a very eventful & jam-packed w/e ahead of us so lots of fun pics to come. I also have 2 videos from tonight but I can't remember how to download them into windows movie maker...I have to change the file type somehow...and I've given up at this point...oh well that's what I get for waiting so long to put another one up! Happy Halloween w/e to all!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Where's Justin???

So today on one of the "top stories" on for the BCS standings was a picture of Cam Newton after the game when he jumped up on the brick wall at the bottom of the stands & what do you know...there was Justin too! I'm actually behind him but since I'm so vertically challenged you can't really see me except a bit of my face & my shaker...Justin sticks out like a sore thumb though...his expression cracks me up! It's a bit of a "where's waldo?" but he is to the left of Cam in the middle of the pic with a navy blue shirt & hat on...go third row up from the bottom if you still can't find him. (Also I think if you click on the pic it will blow it up bigger depending on what kind of computer screen you have.) I thought it was kind of neat so I figured I would share it with you loyal blog readers. WDE!!!! :)

I am off to Tampa in the am to do some site inspections on 3 properties. Looking forward to visiting with my aunt, cousin & her family tomorrow night while I'm in town! I'll be back Wed night before C-man goes to bed but I still will miss my boys!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Ahhh another gorgeous day down on the plains & I am so very proud of our team & what they've accomplished!! 8-0 is pretty impressive & now ranked #1 in the BCS...let's just hope we can keep it up!

So one of my good friends Sara & her brother & SIL came to tailgate with us...we talked earlier in the week about what food we were bringing, times and our tailgate spot but we never thought to ask what the other was was fun being twinkies! :)

Jeni & I

Ginger stopped by for a bit...Tom wanted his pic taken too.

We had to get a pic with these guys...
Group tailgate pic minus a few...

Our favorite QB didn't make it by the tailgate...I wasn't holding my breath & I'm sure he had better places to be celebrating his 8th victory in a row! Tristan did come by again & I made sure to get a pic with him this time...he is such a nice guy.

Girl pic with Tristan.
Nicholas & Justin
And last but not least...I'm already not really fond of adults wearing crocs (I know they are super comfy so not to offend anyone that has some) but this might be really pushing it...

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's great to be an Auburn tiger!

As usual we had a fabulous time down on the plains this w/e watching Auburn defeat Arkansas! Ryan, Julia & her parents hung out at the tailgate with us which was was the perfect day for football. The game was madness but I'm starting to get used to these insane games...they really are so much better to watch than a one-sided victory!

The usual group shot didn't turn out as well as others...hopefully Jenn got a better one than I did.

Just one of many of our heisman trophy winner Cam Newton's touchdowns! :)
Supposedly he might make an appearance at our tailgate next week...I won't get my hopes up but Tristan Davis (he used to play for AU) did come to our tailgate (sorry didn't get a pic) & said he could probably get him there. We are always the last ones out tailgating in the "Tailgate Guys" area hence the tailgate name "The 5th quarter". Our tailgate did get a little air time on CBS this past w/e during a commercial clip about 15 min into the game talking about the SEC, its rivalries, tailgating, etc...Justin was on it but you wouldn't have known it was him unless you knew to look for was a back & forth screaming match b/w some hog fans & us (staged of course)...still fun to say we were on TV. I know I owe y'all Kentucky pics...there are SO many but I hope to get those up in the next day or two. WAR EAGLE!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's a no-go...

on the lion costume. We tried it on 2 different nights this week & he just wasn't feeling it...I think he feels confined with the elastic on the wrists & he isn't loving the fur around the wrists or especially around the face...I didn't even get a pic of his breakdown as soon as you put the hood on. The first pics make him look like he might wear it...don't let that sweet smile fool only lasts a few min & then he's ready to take it off...notice the last 2 pics...the agitation is just getting started. :)

So I'm not going to give away his new costume which is on its way to our house & is a bit different, but I will show the one I thought would've been adorable but J totally shot it down. I figure this is the last year I am going to be able to get away with costumes like this...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Final Beach Pics!

Our family picture time on the beach took a turn for the worst in the beginning b/c our SLR camera got fogged up & wouldn't unfog even after sitting outside for a bit but we did get some shots on my little point & shoot. (Note to self to remember to put the cameras outside for awhile before picture taking. :) )Some of the first ones would have turned out so cute if it wasn't foggy (see below).

Prime example of one that could've been a framer...if anyone knows of a good place you can take pics to get them "fixed" let me know.

This was our last night there so I called my friend Lizzie who lives in Fairhope but works up 59 from Gulf Shores to meet us for dinner at Tacky Jack's.
While we were waiting for a table, I snapped a few shots of my 2 cuties walking around the boat docks...

Wasn't the moon gorgeous?!

Lizzie & I