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Monday, October 18, 2010

It's great to be an Auburn tiger!

As usual we had a fabulous time down on the plains this w/e watching Auburn defeat Arkansas! Ryan, Julia & her parents hung out at the tailgate with us which was was the perfect day for football. The game was madness but I'm starting to get used to these insane games...they really are so much better to watch than a one-sided victory!

The usual group shot didn't turn out as well as others...hopefully Jenn got a better one than I did.

Just one of many of our heisman trophy winner Cam Newton's touchdowns! :)
Supposedly he might make an appearance at our tailgate next week...I won't get my hopes up but Tristan Davis (he used to play for AU) did come to our tailgate (sorry didn't get a pic) & said he could probably get him there. We are always the last ones out tailgating in the "Tailgate Guys" area hence the tailgate name "The 5th quarter". Our tailgate did get a little air time on CBS this past w/e during a commercial clip about 15 min into the game talking about the SEC, its rivalries, tailgating, etc...Justin was on it but you wouldn't have known it was him unless you knew to look for was a back & forth screaming match b/w some hog fans & us (staged of course)...still fun to say we were on TV. I know I owe y'all Kentucky pics...there are SO many but I hope to get those up in the next day or two. WAR EAGLE!!!

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