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Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's a no-go...

on the lion costume. We tried it on 2 different nights this week & he just wasn't feeling it...I think he feels confined with the elastic on the wrists & he isn't loving the fur around the wrists or especially around the face...I didn't even get a pic of his breakdown as soon as you put the hood on. The first pics make him look like he might wear it...don't let that sweet smile fool only lasts a few min & then he's ready to take it off...notice the last 2 pics...the agitation is just getting started. :)

So I'm not going to give away his new costume which is on its way to our house & is a bit different, but I will show the one I thought would've been adorable but J totally shot it down. I figure this is the last year I am going to be able to get away with costumes like this...


  1. oh my goodness! where is that lamb costume from? Hastings might need it :-)

  2. Oh I LOVED the lamb costume and almost got it for Hudson, but Joel hated it. It is adorable! Our costume is probably a no go too. He cries whenever I bring it out to show him, but we're just going to make do. I'm not buying another one! This is totally going to be our last year for making them wear what we want them to wear! Ha!