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Monday, October 4, 2010

Little David turns 1!!

Yesterday we got to share the day with the McBrayers and their sweet little ones first birthday! It's hard to believe that 6 mos ago we were doing the same thing with how time flies!
My child acted as though he had never had goldfish in his life...he was inhaling them!

And this toy lawnmower was by his side the whole party...guess we need to invest one.

Look at sweet little Christian!
Another new toy we probably need to invest in...guess he stepped away from the lawnmower for a split second (his face is currently stuffed with goldfish btw).


  1. The lawnmover is a MUST have! Hudson loves his--it goes everywhere, inside and out. Did Carter like the ride on toy? We were thinking about getting Hudson one for Christmas.

  2. Mindy we are def. getting a lawnmover ASAP!! As far as the car he liked it but it just beeps when you push the buttons but doesn't move unless he does it himself or like for us if we push him. Justin is all about getting a motorized one...ha! There are a lot of things we have on our xmas wish list for him for sure!