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Sunday, October 24, 2010


Ahhh another gorgeous day down on the plains & I am so very proud of our team & what they've accomplished!! 8-0 is pretty impressive & now ranked #1 in the BCS...let's just hope we can keep it up!

So one of my good friends Sara & her brother & SIL came to tailgate with us...we talked earlier in the week about what food we were bringing, times and our tailgate spot but we never thought to ask what the other was was fun being twinkies! :)

Jeni & I

Ginger stopped by for a bit...Tom wanted his pic taken too.

We had to get a pic with these guys...
Group tailgate pic minus a few...

Our favorite QB didn't make it by the tailgate...I wasn't holding my breath & I'm sure he had better places to be celebrating his 8th victory in a row! Tristan did come by again & I made sure to get a pic with him this time...he is such a nice guy.

Girl pic with Tristan.
Nicholas & Justin
And last but not least...I'm already not really fond of adults wearing crocs (I know they are super comfy so not to offend anyone that has some) but this might be really pushing it...

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  1. Woo hoo! War Eagle!!! All of your game day outfits are so cute by the way! You've done a good job on your orange and blue this year!