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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Carter's latest trick

Well he's been doing this for weeks but I keep forgetting to take the video camera with me when we head to the park...I remembered Th night though. Anytime any "big" kids are at the park C loves to watch them & try to mimic whatever they do...I think that's where he learned to do this...

Sorry it's getting dark...he's about to fly off it now...getting so big.

I love what he says going up the sweet! Then you get to hear his frustration once he gets to the top & has trouble with his feet. :)

Yesterday we were supposed to head to Mobile for our niece Audrey's 1st b'day party but unfortunately we didn't get to go b/c C caught some sort of stomach bug. We tried to get out of town twice but after throwing up in the car both times, going through two carseats & multiple clothes changes we decided it wasn't the best idea to try to drive 4 hours just for the day. We really hated to miss the party & are SO sad we couldn't make it!!!! You only turn 1 once but oh well what could we do. Thank goodness we didn't try to go b/c I can't tell you how many loads of laundry I did...I couldn't keep up with how fast he was going through things. Not to mention he started getting sick the other way & that was a whole nother ball game. Today we are better but we skipped church so not to get any other little ones sick & we are hopefully headed to the pumpkin patch this afternoon & of course trick-or-treating later. More fun halloween pics to come!

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