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Saturday, October 2, 2010

War Cam Eagle!!

Carter got to experience his second AU game today (first time was HERE) & for the most part he had a good time. We made it basically to was decently hot & I think C was ready for a nap...see pic below. We didn't get to see Aubie which he has three books about & loves to read & point to him in the pics. Hopefully we can bring him to another game this yr so he can meet him & maybe get a pic. I'm anxious to see how he will react. We've been working on "War Eagle" & he has the "waaaaar" down pat but no "eagle" yet....that's a tough one.  He did like shaking his shaker! Here he is sitting inb/w me & Jenn...

My fav boys in their matching hats....J's is a bit faded wouldn't you say?!?
The back seat was very quiet before we even got out of Auburn...
After a little snooze, he was ready to play...he has a new obsession with mommy's glasses!

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  1. Love the cute game day outfit! We also are good at "waaaar", but haven't quite got the eagle down yet. We started getting "Waaaaaar E" this past weekend, so eventually I guess they'll get the whole thing!!