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Monday, October 25, 2010

Where's Justin???

So today on one of the "top stories" on for the BCS standings was a picture of Cam Newton after the game when he jumped up on the brick wall at the bottom of the stands & what do you know...there was Justin too! I'm actually behind him but since I'm so vertically challenged you can't really see me except a bit of my face & my shaker...Justin sticks out like a sore thumb though...his expression cracks me up! It's a bit of a "where's waldo?" but he is to the left of Cam in the middle of the pic with a navy blue shirt & hat on...go third row up from the bottom if you still can't find him. (Also I think if you click on the pic it will blow it up bigger depending on what kind of computer screen you have.) I thought it was kind of neat so I figured I would share it with you loyal blog readers. WDE!!!! :)

I am off to Tampa in the am to do some site inspections on 3 properties. Looking forward to visiting with my aunt, cousin & her family tomorrow night while I'm in town! I'll be back Wed night before C-man goes to bed but I still will miss my boys!!

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